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December 9, 2017James Hugh, CEO of Western StructuresJulia Distefano, Chief Financial Officer of Western Structures 80 Saramia Crescent, Unit #1Concord, OntarioL4K 3Z8 Dear Mr. Hugh,Expanding Western Structures is extremely important in order to achieve ultimate success for the oncoming future for the company. In our recent discussions regards to expanding our business through potentially acquiring another company, through recent research I have found a new candidate to acquire that will allow us to expand our current business and also diversify into the exciting new field of healthcare. Western Structures is currently a building materials company that manufactures and sells building material products to the construction industry. With acquiring this candidate company Alpha Pro Tech which specializes in selling building protection material, disposable protective apparel, and infection control which includes the sale of face masks and eye shields. This gives our company the opportunity to not only sell building material products but to expand and diversify into a new field of health care equipment and have a new business you can tap into and inquire a greater profit. Full Description of Alpha Pro Tech ALPHA PRO TECH, LTD. (Alpha Pro Tech), incorporated on June 15, 1994, is in the business of protecting people, products and environments. The Company is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing a line of disposable protective apparel and infection control products for the cleanroom, industrial, pharmaceutical, medical and dental markets through its subsidiary, Alpha Pro Tech, Inc. The Company’s products are grouped into three segments: Building Supply segment, Disposable Protective Apparel segment and Infection Control segment. Its products are sold under the Alpha Pro Tech brand name, as well as under private label. Its products are used primarily in cleanrooms, industrial safety manufacturing environments and healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, laboratories and dental offices, as well as building and re-roofing sites. Its products are distributed in the United States through a network consisting of purchasing groups, national distributors, local distributors, independent sales representatives, and its own sales and marketing force. It also manufactures a line of building supply construction weatherization products through its subsidiary, Alpha ProTech Engineered Products, Inc.Building SupplyThe Building Supply segment consists of a line of construction supply weatherization products, such as housewrap and synthetic roof underlayment, as well as other woven material. The housewrap, under the trademark REX, offers a weather resistant barrier. REX Wrap and REX Wrap Plus are woven and coated polypropylene micro perforated weather resistant barriers, and REX Wrap Fortis is an engineered composite made up of a woven fabric, a monolithic breather film and a non-woven sheet, offering a non-perforated membrane. The Company’s synthetic roof underlayment, REX SynFelt, has the ability to resist the environment. The Company also manufactures and distributes TECHNOply and TECHNO SB.Disposable Protective ApparelThe Disposable Protective Apparel segment includes different styles of disposable products, such as shoecovers, bouffant caps, gowns, coveralls, lab coats and frocks. The Disposable Protective Apparel segment also offers other miscellaneous products.Infection ControlThe Infection Control segment includes face masks and eye shields. The Company’s face masks are available in various filtration efficiencies and styles. Its Positive Facial Lock feature provides a custom fit to the face to prevent blow-by for protection. The term blow-by is used to describe the potential for infectious material to enter or escape a facemask without going through the filter as a result of gaps or openings in the face mask. The Company’s Magic Arch feature holds the mask away from the nose and mouth, creating a breathing chamber. Its N-95 Particulate Respirator face mask incorporates both the Positive Facial Lock feature and the Magic Arch feature. The face masks are primarily manufactured in the Company’s facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its eye shields are produced in the Company’s facility in Nogales, Arizona, and assembled by a subcontractor in Mexico.The Company competes with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, 3M Company, Johnson & Johnson, White Knight Engineered Products, Cardinal Health, Inc., Medline Industries Inc., VWR International, LLC, Kappler, Inc., Allegiance Healthcare Corporation, DuPont and Interwrap Inc. Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. Financial Results For The Third Quarter SummaryGlobalNewswire Nov.8,2017 Revenue for the third quarter of 2017 increased 2.3% to $12.0 million, compared to $11.8 million in the third quarter of 2016  Gross margin for the third quarter of 2017 increased to 39.1%, up from 38.3% in the third quarter of 2016  Net income for the third quarter of 2017 increased 8.2% to $1.1 million, or $0.07 per diluted share, compared to $1.0 million, or $0.06 per diluted share, for the same period of 2016  Signed exclusive contract with JX Nippon ANCI, Inc. to launch a new product line, REX™ Wrap Fortis House Wraps with JX ALTA 360° Drainage Technology™There is zero debt, accompanied by about $9-million in cash. Cash flow is regularly positive. Currently, Mr. Hoffman says the major opportunity for the enterprise’s potential growth is a “breathable” house wrap membrane the weather-resistant barrier that sits between the siding and the wood of a house. The breathable-type membrane is the only kind used in Canada. In the United States, non-breathable is used, but Alpha’s goal is to make breathable more the norm. The potential market is huge and largely untapped. Alpha has doubled its sales force to six to expand in this realm. The company is also exploring sales of protective apparel products in India, where it employs more than 1,000 people in four factories. That compares with 120 staff in North America. If the $36,000 feasibility study is positive, this country could prove to be another market. One strategy that Alpha regularly deploys on a major scale is a share buyback. Since 2012, the share count is down from 22 million to about 15 million. The share price has increased from January 1st 2013 from a $1.56 US to $4.05 US today. After obtaining these facts about this company it is in Western Structures best interest to acquire Alpha Pro Tech. This company’s building supply segment  is compatible with our current field of expertise and will be able to add new products to our current product line.Not only would we be acquiring a business in an area of our expertise but we but it gives Western Structures the chance to diversify into the field of healthcare products. Acquiring this company is also in our best interest because this company is very profitable with sales increasing every year as well as net profit margin. Alpha Pro Tech is also debt free and has almost $9 million in cash available as per most recent financial report. The share price of the company has been increasing every year since 2012. The company has also been buying back shares thus decreasing its shares outstanding by 7 million shares. Which is another good sign of the business’ profitability. Alpha Pro Tech is a great opportunity for Western Structures and its shareholders to acquire for future success for growing as well as diversifying its business Please review my recommendation and let me know if you are in agreement or if you need any further information so that we may proceed with the acquisition. References APT : Summary for Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. (2017, December 10). Retrieved December 10, 2017, from is one special stock we’re not giving up on. (2017, July 11). Retrieved December 10, 2017, from (2017, November 08). Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. Announces Financial Results For The Third Quarter. Retrieved December 10, 2017, from Pro Tech Ltd (APT) Company Profile. (n.d.). Retrieved December 10, 2017, from


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