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DearSir/Madam,My name isDo Nhat Linh and I would like to express my interest in studying Linguistics atLeiden University.

I have always been thoughtful about my future; building acareer, becoming a successful person and generally finding my own path in life.I am from amiddle-class Vietnamese family and our country is a developing one, with arelatively low standard of living. When I grew up and learned how much itactually cost to go to school, I understood that they had tried really hard sothat I could continue my study until now. However, the cost to my further educationis simply too high and that’s why I need a scholarship or at least somefinancial support in order to continue my studies in The Netherlands. My fatheris paid a very low salary by a company which recently restructured anddownsized its workforce. Therefore, my mother has to work hard day and nightfor our living and tuition fees. Everyday, difficulties and financial problemsare confronting us.

However, my parents who have always supported me instudying and cultivated an attitude to never stop me pursuing my future career.One day, I realised that my dream is studying abroad, gaining new knowledge andnew life experiences, and learning other cultures. I think it is especially importantto acquire modern, advanced ideas and methods that will allow me to helpdevelop my country as well as to recover my family’s finance.TheNetherlands is a kingdom which borders a lot of countries, which are alsohighly developed countries, such as Germany to the east and Belgium to thesouth. Hence, there are a lot of opportunities for me to interact withdifferent languages, cultures and ideas from around Europe.

I believe that TheNetherlands is the best place for studying abroad as it is a great internationalresearch centre. Also, I was delighted to discover that your university islocated in one of my favourite cities, Leiden.I findlanguages very interesting, attractive and beautiful in a way. Especially, Iwould like to become a person who connects those modern cultures, traditionalvalues and quintessence such as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity,arts and design. In order to do that I need to study deeply in language as ameans of communication and a vehicle for change as well, and I am sure thatyour Linguistics program and Dutch education will help me to choose the rightstrategies and accomplish my plans.

Working in the field of language is notjust my future profession, it is also my main hobby and I see no profession forme other than one related to language. After graduating from high school in May2016, I was accepted by Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Vietnam on August2016 with a major in International Business. However, I felt pressured toaccept it for various reasons, this career was never my dream. After six monthsstudying, wasting money and time but not receiving good results, I graduallyrealised that it was not the right choice. Compared to Europe, classicalVietnamese education is very broad, traditional and conservative. This meansthat it is very difficult to focus on one particular topic and become aprofessional in the chosen area. I am really into European education and Dutchuniversities, especially Leiden University because they are focused onpractical usage and development of skills required by employers.

LeidenUniversity is also known world-wide for its international education, high levelof research education and leading positions among Dutch universities. This iswhy I have chosen, and hope to be accepted to your university. By reading thecourse curriculum available online, I have found that subjects offered in thisprogram are specifically in line with my professional goals. Additionally, themandatory study abroad semester provides a great grounding in which to furtherexperience divergent cultures and the exchange knowledge.Concerningmy personality, I believe that I am a very responsible individual and get on wellwith different  people.

I love learningnew things in life. I am a person who is interested in making convincingspeeches whenever I have the chance to present in front of people and I am alsofascinated by communication in general such as the history and diversity oflanguages in the world. As regards my interests, beside writing and reading, Iam glad to say that I am not a person who is only engaged in studies, there arenumerous social activities I also enjoy. In early 2015, I went on a charitytrip to a secondary school in Phu Tho province where we shared out clothes,books and items among poor students and children there after some fundraisingevents in Hanoi. I wish I could have more chances like that to teach others thebeauty of language and our culture so as to help them escape poverty anddevelop their dreams, as I have the chance to. In early 2017, I started to workas a volunteer at MyHanoi – a nonprofit organisation in Vietnam which helps ourcity to promote cultural integration opportunities that spread our traditionallanguage and customs. Those social activities have crystallised my dream tobecome a language-interpreter and culture researcher.Once I havefinished my studies in your university, I would definitely like to return to myhomeland and contribute my efforts and the knowledge I received in youruniversity to my own country in order to spread prosperity and growth.

I haveclear plans for my future, I am confident that I could reach my dream to becomean interpreter and a linguist by pursuing my passion for language. By applyingfor a Masters degree in Translation and Interpreting, I could then find a jobin interpreting or language researching in the National Translation Centre forthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. The opportunity to study in LeidenUniversity would not only develop myself but also help me to make significantcontributions to the EU and Asia as well.

Nevertheless,none of this will be possible without your help, without a scholarship and Iwould gratefully appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate my skills,experience in Leiden University; It would be a great support and encouragementI need at this moment, to take brave new steps in my life.Thank youvery much in advance for considering my application. I lookforward  to your positive response.Sincerelyyours,


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