Dear it will not come to you.

Dear Diary,

To My, “The one” that got away

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this day I decided to be true to you. I will not use any flowering words rather
I will be true to my every word, I hope it will make you realize something.

It is on this day that I will be
saying my first real hello and probably my goodbye, as for this day you will
stepping on that bus. The transportation you will taking to begin journey and
at the same time take you away from me. 
I know I don’t have any right to say this to you after I didn’t asked
you and I just let those parade of unworthy guys take my place in the line and after
I didn’t even utter a single comforting word when you cried. And I’m sorry for
thinking that you deserve better, that you would find someone suited for your taste,
cause it just let you be with someone who didn’t even bother staying to know
the real you.

Not a day past by without me
thinking. What would happened if I didn’t hide my feelings under a rock. If I
had chosen to let loose, like the air floating, until it arrive to you. I would
be waving goodbye with a smile in my face knowing I told you what I feel, not
in this letter of disguise. As I saw you sitting beside the window I felt
broken, broken not like a shattered glass, but like machine that stopped cause
by one of it piece, a piece which is similar to my heart, my broken heart.

As we are waving each other
farewell, as I feel the warm of your hug, the hug which I was longing for a
long time, as I hear the words you said before boarding, my feelings of sadness
was beginning to disappear.

As I hear the words for your
goodbyes, I remembered what kind of person my heart chose. You where the brave
little girl who weren’t afraid to be herself. As you were uttering the words of
your farewell, I was looking directly at your face, making sure it would be
forever imprinted inside my brain, so that I will not forget the girl that
chooses to be strong after all the broken heart and shattered dreams.

As I was saying goodbye to you,
it was a goodbye for my feelings as well, and for I know it will not come to

It is time for you to embark your
journey on your own, for yourself your true happiness lies not with guys nor
the lies.

As bus moves closer to your
dreams, always remember you were girl filled with dreams, dreams you made on
your own, dreams you will accomplish that will be carved on stones..


Loving you truly,



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