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Dear my little friends, breakfast is actually most important meals you should have before going to school. It is because after a long night, you need enough energy to undergo your daily routine such as going to school. This is show that breakfast cannot be neglected as it provides the necessary nutrients for growth and energy to start the day. It’s also helping for improve your concentration levels and stay focus on something you do.

Based on study, lack of time and appetite is the main reason of 30 percent primary school students for not having their breakfast.
Hello and a very good morning to my little junior friends. Alright, now I have some question for you. Have you ever wondered why would your mother always nagged towards you every morning? Especially before you leave for school, she will always ask you to have breakfast either you like or not. Sometimes when you refuse to have a breakfast, she will stare you like a lion waiting to swallow its prey and wait until you sit down besides her to have a breakfast. Until sometimes you ask her, “Mom, why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and importance of having breakfast for me before going to school”. Well, you’ll find the reason when you are at school and maybe you’ll be thankful to your mother.


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