Dear perceive it as a perfect opportunity

Dear Sir/ Madam:Hereby I would like to contour mymotivation for applying for the master’s program in Marketing or InternationalBusiness Management at University of Oulu for the academic year of 2018. I havecompleted my Bachelor of Business Administration from East West University,Bangladesh. My major area was marketing and my earned CGPA -3.

00 out of 4.00.I am appreciating this opportunity to introduce myself atyour university. And I perceive it as a perfect opportunity to support myapplication for the master’s program in Marketing offered by your University.With my educational background and working experience, I strongly believe thatI am a good candidate for the program. I have completed my BBA with inMarketing and I have almost four years of working experience in relevant field.

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So it will make me competent for this course and my plan is to extend it infurther with advanced knowledge.My second choice is International Business management as Ialways have the interest on International business. If you permit me inInternational business management, I will do PHD on this topic. And this isquite an apposite field as well, because I am already working in sales andmarketing in a multinational company. It give me some essence of how a companyworks in international arena. Its culture, business policy and regulationinfluence me to learn about it.After searching information about different universitieswebsite in Finland, I have gathered some ideas about Oulu University BusinessSchool.

And I am impressed with Oulu University business schools resource,academic environment and rich faculty members as well as the researchmaterials. And now it provides me a massive delight in writing this assessmentletter saying how important it would be for me to be a part of your program.I love to travel new places to discover new things from mychildhood. I have travelled across the country for different reasons, sometimesfor education and sometimes for job and most of the times to know new places andnew people. I believe, Life is a race and we should run as much as we can to seeit more.

From all the experiences of my life, I learnt that one have to runmore to catch ones dream. After the completion of my graduation, I started towork in different local and multinational organizations. I took the experience ofreal life and now I am thinking about the betterment of my future career.After the completing my graduation, I had entered into a verycrucial stage of my life where I needed to make a very important academicdecision which will have a greater impact in my life.

As a business graduate itis very essential to acquire a higher degree and what better program could itbe than MBA. MBA is an opportunity to enhance our knowledge through higherlevel of education. Before starting MBA program I planned to work for aparticular time being, so that I can use my education and experience moreeffectively. Now I am planning for MBA and it will teach me about globalization,leadership skills, group work and at the same time opportunity for individualcreativity which is just a perfect choice to make a fantastic career after post-graduation.I am working in Robi Axiata Limited for more than three yearsin Sales and marketing, which let me understand how the real business works inreal life at Tele Communication Industry. Before Robi Axiata ltd. I worked inSearch lite communications ltd.

Which let me work for Samsung mobile and gathermore experience in Trade marketing. I worked very closely in field level, runthe distribution in district level and did communication directly to the retailchannel and direct customers. In this time I learnt how actually the industriesget to the customers, how to serve customers properly and how the customersreact to the products.I have nourish a good academic performance that provides agood ground for my sustainability in your University. I completed my 4 yearsdegree in Bachelor of Business Administration from East West University whichis a well-known university in Bangladesh.

My major was marketing and I wantedto understand how the business works in real life.Oulu University is one of the best business schools InFinland. So it would be a huge step to my future career if I will get theopportunity to study here in the post-graduation program. Especially themasters of Business Administration in Oulu University has excellent reputationaround the world. I have chosen the MBA program because I am very interested inworking with all kind of people in every situation and I believe that Universityof Oulu would provide me the perfect guideline. As I said before; I was a veryactive person from the beginning. I was an working member in debating club andPhotography club in University level, and had participated in different club ornational level debating program organized by different Universities.

I havetravelled almost all the beautiful places in my county and tracked some pick aswell. So I know the importance of hard work and team work. I have the perfectknowledge about the real world now, and all I need is to use it in the rightplace. As far I know Oulu University motivate graduates to research and focuson particular application of what they are teaching.My future plan is to see me as one of the top marketingexecutive in a top multinational company. I want to build my career as a marketresearcher; as we all know that the world we live in is controlled by businessorganizations and marketing become very core of it. I myself come from adeveloping country, where most of the people live under poverty level.

So Iunderstand how these people think and I want to work in this market. But to doso, I need to have proper knowledge about international business, marketing,management, finance and all other fields relates to the business, so that I canhelp myself to understand the business policy which run the world. If we cannotkeep pace with the world, we cannot improve ourselves.

Oulu University willdefinitely help me to understand the international business and marketing,which will support me to progress in further with all the upgraded knowledge.Also the location of the university is very beautiful and all the dailynecessary things are very easy to come by. So it would be a perfect match forme if you are kind enough to grant me an opportunity to become a student ofthis excellent University.I strongly believe that, a proper relationship can buildanything and everything. For me to become successful in business we need tounderstand the people around us.

What they think and want, and what will betheir future expectation. So understanding people means understanding themarket, and this understanding will bring results that we want. And I believethat your University will help me to become a good marketer who can predict thefuture need and working on it can make a better future.


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