Dear Locum Nurses, in the sense that we

Dear Andreea,  As discussed, I amsending you the above details about our agency. Our company is flexiblein regards to our Locum Nurses, in the sense that we will work around yourschedule and we will do our best to be as flexible as we can in regards todates, location and hours of work. We pay weekly in arrearsevery following Friday as long as you have your timesheet (Attached) signed bysomeone at the practice which we will place you at.

Your pay rate will bediscussed and decided according to your experience and your willingness totravel.  As discussed, your  pay rate will be £12 per hour. In terms of our clients,we have contracts with thousands of practices around the UK that keeps us verybusy, but we are also working with independent practices, both NHS, mixed andprivate. Along with the Locuming desk, we offer our services for the permanentplacements, therefore should you be interested in a new full-time role we canassist you with that as well.

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 I have attached a fewfiles, the applicant information form states the documents that we require fromyou, which is the following: An up to date CV   Qualification certificates   GDC registration certificate or letter from an accredited training center confirming your attendance on an accredited dental nurse course. · Professional Indemnity Insurance certificate (where applicable) Enhanced CRB check A print out of your occupational health clearance: (Hepatitis B immunisation antibody levels) & (Evidence of vaccination against childhood diseases) 2 x Previous employment references or contact details of referees Copy of passport   Visa rights documentation if applicable   Completed Application and Bank Details form   The relevant tax documentation or tax code  Indemnitycover providers ( please make your ownresearch and find the best deal for you)

php CPD: https://training.isopharm.  If you have any otherquestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24hours a day, 7 days a week and we are here to help our nurses and clients both. 


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