Dear breaking one of the legal requirement

Dear  Ms LupinI was informed that you would like to see some of the legal requirements you might need to start the business,but to do so, you must first be informed with what legal requirement means, it is Law you must follow and there is 2 typesCriminal – this is when you breaking one of the legal requirement severely and therefore they will go to prisonCompliance – compliance is when breaking one of the legal requirement but it isn’t to severe e.g. in the data protection act, misspelling someone’s name by accident can lead to just a fine instead of imprisonment. the legal requirements that are needed include:Data Protection Act (1988)Fraud Act (2006)Copyright Design and Patent act (1988)Computer Misuse Act (1990)Telecommunication Regulations (2000)These acts are extremely important for this business because each of them protects the business in different ways and allows the business to be able to run with no interference from any hackers that might try to steal information from individual customersData Protection Act (1998): this act means that if the business was to hold any information about an individual e.g. contact details, then the business has to use it fairly and Lawfully but most importantly to keep the data safe from any other people otherwise the business won’t be trusted by anybody as well as having a risk of shutting down. This act has 8 principles that must be followed when using this act:Fairly and Lawfully processedProcessed for limited purposesacceptable, relevant and not excessiveAccurate and up to dateKept for no longer than is necessaryProcessed in line with the date subjects’ rightsSecureNot transferred to other countries without acceptable protection.Fraud Act (2006): this act was set up in 2006 when computers started to become more advanced and therefore easier to access services dishonestly. This act was put up to makes sure that no one is to access information illegally, however it is difficult to be safe because someone outside the UK can bypass this if the country they are in does not enforce this Law at all. A simple way to make your customers safe, give them a password to remember so that every time a email is sent to them, attach the password so that they know whether it’s real or fake (to prevent phishing)Copyright Design and Patent Act (1998): the copyright design and patent Act protects anything that was made up from a person such as the name of the company so that it does not get stolen and abused, for example if a company where to take on a name of another successful company, they can easily fool people to think that they are the original, meaning that this act allows the ownership of things such as the name of the business or what they might be selling. This is very common with big brands e.g.Computer Misuse Act (1990): the act protects against hacking, people having unauthorised access to the computer and viruses. This means that they will need to be secured to protect the data, a common way of setting up good security is to hire hackers to hack the information to allow the business to spot weak spots and reinforce the protection and repeat until the hacker is no longer able to hack in. To comply with it, just monitor the computer to report any suspicious behavior and report it immediately because it could end up being very serious and potentially becomes a criminal Act therefore could be extremely severe.Telecommunication Regulation (2000): this act is one of the most important act for this business as it allows the transfer of information over any given distance by electronic means, this is important because it minimises the chance of interception of mobile signals, and prosecute those who do so. This does not need to be prevented as it is already being protected by default. All you need to do is to comply with it and that is all it takesIn conclusion, these acts will ensure the safety of the business and allows the business to run without any interference and many fraudery and some of the ways to prevent them were listed above in case you missed them out.Yours Sincerely  Abdallah Graoui


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