Dear regarding Business area imparted me a particular

Dear Sir,I wouldlike to submit my academic documents and other particulars for yourconsideration to seek admission into MSc in Business management, UniversityLusofona .I havegraduated from ASA University Bangladesh 23/3, khilji Road,Shyamoli,Dhaka,Bangladeshfrom which I received a Bachelor of Business Administration( BBA) with the specialtyin marketing in the year 2014.

In 2017 I also completed BA (Hons) BusinessAdministration from Niels Brock Copenhagen college ,Norre Voldgade 34,1358Kobenhaven K, Denmark.  I took upthe Msc  Business Management for myfuture profession as I have always been interested in the field of Business andmanagement . My passion for the l Business  management came from my teacher, who is aBusiness Administration officer and a teacher of Business School.My studyregarding Business area imparted me a particular pleasure of English language.The classes which I got at my academy helped me greatly to expand myproficiency in English.

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In myextensive dream with the experience of globalization. I believe that thePratugal is the best place for studying the Master in Economics as it isprominent center. Also, I am delighted to discover that your university islocated in one of my favorite cities.

Concerningmy personality, I am a very responsible individual. I am enthusiastic aboutlearning new things in life and to seek new experiences. I enjoy observing thepeople around me and meeting others with understanding and respect.

  I like reading English books. I have apassion for Protogines culture. I have a wonderful family and love spendingtime with them. They support me very much and do their best to encourage me totake new steps in life.I amkeenly eager to have an opportunity to study in the above-mentioned disciplineat University Lusofona and to demonstrate my skills, experience, and ideas. Yours faithfully,Md.SaddamHossain


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