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Dear John, By the time you have received this letter, Bernard and I would have arrived in Iceland. He’s been on edge lately. So have I. Bear with me as I am having difficulties in stringing the words together. Ford, I used to be great with words! The irony.Let me begin by saying the members of Brave New World, as you called it, have accepted the presence of constant supervision from the state as their way of life. They believe that the Controllers watching you at every corner has evolved into a manifestation of fear and control, not freedom nor safety. It is, I believe, just an illusion to mask everything that was wrong with mankind. But they’ve done so by turning it into something much worse. You see, John, humans are the worst kind of animals. The only thing that separates us from them is our ability to know the differences between what is good and bad. But we no longer know what is good or bad. The line between those has been blurred. Yes the world is stable now but is it any good? The current social ethics – if one may call it as such – is merely a rationalisation of the less desirable outcomes of over-organisation of society. Individuals are subordinated to propaganda, systematic terror and social manipulation. Therefore it is unrealistic and a very treacherous system of morality.  The pursuit of good ends does not necessarily mean the employment of good means. The main element of what makes a person human are the emotions that inhabit our minds. We are made to experience disappointment and dissatisfaction. The World State, however, thinks otherwise. They discourage these distinct human characteristics. We are stripped bare of chaos and unhappiness to create this sense of community, identity and stability. Soma usage is encouraged so that we are void of emotions and feelings. We are not humans anymore. Unlike where you were from, in this world, babies are produced in bottles and to ensure a high degree of uniformity, postnatal conditioning is required. Here, the beauty of tidiness becomes the justification of a totalitarian regime which requires a absolute subservience to the state. Organisation is implemented to abolish self-government and freedom.This doctrine has been accepted unquestioningly by those who are in favour of the homogeneity of men. Must I remind you I am no idealist; I pin no flag to ideology. In fact I fear it. However, I believe the reduction of ungovernable human diversity becomes the compliance of subhuman uniformity. Come to think of it, all the bloodshed, torture, massacre and  slavery in history seems less violent than our current society. But we no longer live in history and the new ideology is this rabid belief they call peace and stability. That is what I fear most. I’ve learnt much from my time as lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering. Certainly I knew my way with words. To put simply, I was a propagandist. I was good at what I do. Perhaps a little too good. That is what I, and the rest of the Alphas were genetically engineered to be. But it isn’t enough for the words to be good – what I make with them ought to be good as well.In order for a propaganda to succeed, they must appeal to passion. Propaganda in favor of actions driven by impulses below self-interest provides false, unreliable evidence. However it is the most effective motive such that the mere repetition of catchphrases and the association of the lowest passions to the highest principles become a religious virtue and a patriotic obligation.To get to freedom, we must find the grey area which lies in between laissez-faire and absolute control.


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