Dear from Indonesia, a developing country in

Admissions Committee,


of all, Let me introduce myself, I am Desi Trisnawati Handini and recently I have
worked at UNFPA Indonesia, Yogyakarta-based office, as Media and Creative
campaign officer. I have attended B.Sc in Communication Science from Gadjah
Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

come from Indonesia, a developing country in Southeast Asia, where the
population reaches more than 261 million in 2016. Recognizing this, the
Indonesian government and civilians are beginning to build  their beloved country, and one of our efforts
is modernizing technology and of course, building information disclosure.
Because we (Indonesian) believe that the disclosure of information and good
communication skills will open our minds and increase our level of thinking
about modernity and humanity. With the disclosure of information and access to
the media, both online and offline, good communication skills, got a new useful
value for the development of the nation. Indonesia will break the title of
“the third country of the world”, and become one of the world’s
prosperous countries.


willingness to contribute to building my country, I have decided to take my
bachelor degree to the next level, and get my Master degree in communications
as my next target. Because I believe that getting a master’s degree in this
field of study will help me to gain a deep knowledge of media and

am very interested in the Master’s Degree Program in Communication Studies:
Media and Society in Europe, conducted by Virje Universitet Brussels, at the
heart of Europe, the center of the information. Because this master program not
only allows me to gain solid knowledge in communication science, but also to
tell me how the media is influencing people in Europe, how media is integrated
into their lives, linked and connecting their networks, providing information
from around the world. I believe this program is taught through collaboration
between academics and world-class expertise in various aspects of communication
and gives students the opportunity to learn about various issues in society.

I understand, media and communication are important factors in life. All human
activities in some fields such as information technology, economic, social and
others will work well if supported by a good communication framework.

me, it is interesting to know how the media becomes a part of human life, daily
basic needs. But of course, my interest does not limit me to doing other things
like learning new cultures and values ??about Belgium and Europe in the wider


is true that as long as we have the integrity to do something, we will always
produce good results. But we cannot ignore the fact, that the better the
environment, the better the results we can get. In connection with that, I have
decided to take my master’s studies in a place that not only has a solid
curriculum for my academic needs, but also have a good environment and reputation
in the field of communication science. I am interested in learning media, communication,
social, society and humanity. I believe this master program will give me the
opportunity to extend my horizons and deepen my knowledge of Media and Society.
I feel this Master’s degree will benefit my future career in media and


the end of my studies, I will contribute to engaging and connecting people
around the world with new media. I believe that I can make a valuable
contribution to Indonesia with my new knowledges. I think it is our duty as
people who share life in this world to make our future better because the
future is not just ours. Learning is a never-ending process. I strongly believe
that it is never too late to learn and to get our education. I hope I can
become a worthy team member and develop my talents at your university.


hope to get a positive answer. Please accept my appreciation and gratitude for
your assessment and further consideration.




I'm Mary!

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