Dear all the hard work he does.

Dear Diary,
September 18, 1885
Boom! I woke up suddenly at the sound of an explosion. It scared me to think that my dad was out there risking his life to get money for our survival.I feel so worried for my dad. I went to the kitchen to get a snack when I noticed that the time was 5:00 a.m in the morning. Which means it is 7:00 pm in China. My mom is still in China. I really miss her. My dad did not have enough money to bring her. The building of the railway is a really rough and scary job. I can’t imagine working for a job that dangerous. I gotta go my dad is home from work.

Dear Diary,
October 21, 1885
The construction of the railway is even more dangerous since the last time I wrote in this diary. My dad tells me about all the hard work he does. He tells about how many people die every day from the explosions. Most of the dangerous work is done by the Chinese workers. They are paid less than the Europeans even though they do the hardest work. My dad tries to stay positive by saying good things like “at least the Money is better than what we got in China”. I am very grateful that my parents have jobs and Money to raise me. I don’t think it’s fair that Chinese are treated less fairly just because of where we come from. I went into the neighborhood with the other Chinese kids to play tag. After 2 rounds me and my best friend Emily sat down I decide to tell her about How I taught that Chinese are treated less fairly just because of where we come from but she just shrugged and said that “there’s nothing you can do about it”. After that, I just went home and read my book.

Dear Diary,
November 6, 1885
Today is my birthday I am finally 18 years old. My dad is not here to celebrate it. When he came home He said that he had to make a call to the government (he didn’t even say Happy Birthday Or Hi). I sneakily Put my ear against the door to try and hear what they were saying. I didn’t like what I heard. They were talking about moving from Canada. I couldn’t move I was just starting to fit in. I burst into the room I couldn’t help it. As I rushed in I screamed, “WE CAN’T MOVE, WE JUST CAN’T”. My dad said that he didn’t want to move but it didn’t seem like there was any other option. After That, my dad had a long call with the city that lasted about half an hour. When the call ended my dad had a smile on his face. He said that there was good news and bad news. The news was that the city said that he could get another job. The bad news is that they had to pay $50 for this to happen. When My dad told me this we went to the kitchen to celebrate my birthday and us not having to leave Canada. I am so glad my dad came back alive. Thanks for listening diary!


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