Dear of prescription given are for conditions

Dearrepresentative or administrator of the Food and Drug Administration,Iam college student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and I amconcerned about the over excessive use of antibiotics.

The overexcessive use of antibiotics may cause many bacteria to becomeresistant at a faster rate than ever before. I hope that the use ofantibiotics can properly be monitored with the goal of preventingmany diseases that can affect us if the bacteria become resistant tothem. Since my goal is to become a Nurse I am concerned if patientsare over abusing the use of antibiotics or if the healthcareproviders are giving them out without realizing the affects it canhave in the near future.Whenlooking at the Ted talk, “Whatdo we do when antibiotics don’t work anymore?” by Maryn McKennait really surprised me how fast bacteria can develop resistances toantibiotics.

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McKenna said penicillin was discovered in 1943 andbacteria was resistant two years later. In 2003 daptomycin wascreated and bacteria gained resistant a year later in 2004. Ifbacteria win the battle against antibiotic the death toll worldwidecan continue to rise each year.

A simple cold can kill us becauseantibiotics will no longer work against the pathogens that areinvading our body. Mary McKenna said that about 50% of antibioticsgiven in hospitals are for unnecessary reasons. As well as 45% ofprescription given are for conditions that antibiotics can’t help.Surgeries will no longer be possible because antibiotics will nolonger be able to protect patients.

AsAlexander Fleming once said, “The thoughtless person playingwith penicillin treatment is morally responsible for the death of theman who succumbs to infection with the penicillin resistant organism”but he had hope we can slow down the process of antibioticresistances. The Food and Drug Administration can help doctors togive the right prescription for the illness that the patient has. AsMaryn McKenna said, a system should be built to help tell us howantibiotics are being used. Prescriptions should be reevaluated to sothat excessive use of antibiotics can be controlled. We can finicallysupport companies to help build new antibiotics. Together we can allhelp fight the battle against bacteria.

Thank for taking time offyour busy schedule to read my letter.


I'm Mary!

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