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Throughout history, man has been migrating from one region to the other for various reasons. However, this phenomenon has become more prevalent over the course of the last century and it has been characterized by people moving from poorer countries to richer ones. This has resulted in a strain in the resources of the host country which has brought about the imposition of rules and regulations aimed at curbing immigration. The rules have lead to illegal immigration which is the situation whereby immigrants enter and live in a country without the host government’s consent.

The United States is one of the countries which have had a very big influx of illegal immigrants. For this reason, the US government has adopted tough measures for dealing with them. While some people state that illegal immigration can be best addressed by developing the economy of the nations of origin of the illegal immigrants so as to encourage them to stay there, others argue that the imposition of restrictions on the immigrants is the best way. This paper shall argue that imposition of strict policies and hunting out and deporting of illegal immigrants from the US is the best way to deal with the issue.

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To reinforce this assertion, this paper shall showcase the faults of offering economic aid to their countries of origin. The main reason that is advanced for immigrating to the US is so that the immigrants can have a share of the American dream (freedom, work, economic stability and most important of all security). However, this is not often the case once the immigrants get into the country (Patterson). Many of the illegal immigrants often work as house helps, cleaners, factory, and construction workers among other odd jobs. What clearly stands out from this state of affairs is that they lack the necessary skills, education and expertise needed to land better jobs. It is therefore clear that the problem is not with the economic status of the country of origin but rather with the lack of skill and possibly education of the individual.

This being the case, any efforts to improve the economy of the country of origin would not improve the livelihood of the people and immigration would still be rampant. It has been noted that most of the illegal immigrants are from the poorer nations of the world (Federation foe American Immigration Reforms). As such, it is assumed that by helping the less developed nations through financial aid, they will improve their economies and therefore create new jobs for their people therefore reducing illegal immigration.

This assumption has proved to be false since when most of the nations are given aid to help their economies, the money is embezzled by corrupt government officials or misappropriated. Therefore, the countries continue to suffer from unemployment and illegal immigration goes on unrestricted. It would therefore be a more prudent more for the US to use the money to step up measures to enable that the illegal immigrants are stopped from entering into the country and those that enter are arrested and deported. The assertion that the US should do something to better the countries from which the immigrants originate is misguided since it places an unnecessary burden on the US. While it would be a kind act for the US to help out other countries, the most important obligation of the US government is to its own people. It is the duty of the governments to work hard towards the provision of a sustainable and stable living and working environment for their citizenry (Patterson). The aid that is given to other countries should be only after the US citizens have been fully served.

It is therefore the role of the government to restrict illegal immigrants without causing extra financial burdens to the US citizens to enable it to develop the economies of other nations. While it is true that the US is the world’s greatest economy, it should be noted that the country also experiences financial strain. As such, it should not always be assumed that the country has the capacity to improve the economy of other nations. Recently, the global economy has been heading down the drains not only in developing nations but also in the developed ones. Hardships have been experienced on a global level and therefore, the claim that one is immigrating to better his/her life has become an unsubstantiated excuse because even the American citizens are facing economic and social hurdles but they opt to work harder rather than blame the system (Gheen). One objection to failing to deal with illegal immigrants before they get to the US would be that they negatively affect the US economy and lead to a rise in crime and vice levels. As has been noted in this paper, most of the illegal immigrants have very low job skill levels.

For this reason, they have flooded the job markets by providing cheap labor and they normally do not ask for fringe benefits (insurance and medical covers). To this effect, they have lowered the marginal pay of even Americans who look for similar jobs. In addition, since the income they get is merely enough, some of them opt to get into prostitution, drug abuse and peddling and other forms of crime. This has led to the increase in crime rate at an unprecedented level thereby threatening the security and livelihood of innocent hard working people who are often the victims of these crimes. With this in mind, it would be more desirable if the illegal immigrants would be dealt with before they got to the US.

Fixing the economic situation in their home country presents one means through which this can be done. A saddening reality is that illegal immigration in America may never be completely ended. This is because as the boarder patrol gets bolder and knowledgeable of the various means used to facilitate this menace, so does the perpetrators in terms of devising new and better means of executing this without being caught. It therefore is a continuous cycle that is becoming worse each passing day.

According to statistics presented by the Federation foe American Immigration Reforms (FAIR), over one million illegal aliens are put behind bars by the boarder patrols each year for illegally trying to gain access into America. This clearly demonstrates that illegal immigrants use up the US resources by their being in the country Illegal immigrants affect the planning and resource allocation processes in the host country thereby leading to inequitable distribution of resources. While it would be ideal if the problem of immigration was dealt with once and for all this paper has shown that the proposed solution in the form of assisting the economy of the country of origin of the immigrants may not work. Harsh measures such as restrictions and raiding of workplaces have been suggested as being more effective and relatively cheaper way to deal with the problem. As such, boarder patrols should be left to do their jobs of protecting our boarders and our nation at large. Apprehending the perpetrators and sending them back to their home country may not completely stop the illegal immigrations but will mitigate the rate at which it occurs. This will lead to a more prosperous US for its legal citizens.

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