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This is the 1st month of the new year and each and every one is busy in formating their resolutions for the new year. Few of the people make a resolution to reform themselves, few peoples make the resolution to gave up their bad habit, and few business related people are busy in making new year resolution for the purpose of their business. As an Internet marketer or blogger, we should also do some honest and proper commitment and new year resolution for our Web Blog. It might be something from writing a web post each day or replying to the comments posted by your visitors.

Are you puzzled with resolutions to chase in new year 2018?Do not worry my dear friends and visitors I am here to help you, as always for each and every blogger and webmaster out there. Now without wasting additionally time, let me come to the main subject and start discussing about the new year resolutions for every blogger and marketer here for 2018 –New Year Resolutions Every Blogger Should Follow In 2018Together with you guys I am also going to follow these resolutions, so let’s work with each other so that we can make 2018 much more interesting and successful for us. I humbly request each and every to please make the use of given below resolutions to get 100% success in this year.Believe In Yourself and Full ConfidenceThis point will help you in your real life as well as blogging too. There are many up and down related to blogging and  as a blogger you should accept it. Most of the people start blogging just to make money, but making money from blogging is not that easy. Everything needs actual efforts and directions.

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One factor I have noticed that many people quit blogging once their Google adsense account get disapproved. But my dear friends you you should know that there are many other ways to make money online. On the eve of new year we should stick it out that we will never lose hope, expectations and believe in ourselves. Everyone is having some unique quality and  they have to find and develop these quality.Write Original and High Quality Blog TopicsWe have to do our best to create good and quality content for our blog posts on regular basis. What exactly is quality content?As per my knowledge a content can be considered as good when people and online users enjoy reading it, and sharing it with their friends and family members. Although, in order to write a good content you need to do lot of research and analysis. It is recommended to be patient while creating a blog post.

Information that you share with your valuable viewers and readers must be at you give must be latest and updated. Furthermore, you can use all the latest technologies and approaches to make your content catch the eye of your viewers. Start Creating Your Own ImagesYou should keep in mind that blogging is not all about the writing and sharing. putting pictures with every new blog post is now an additional advantage because more than 80% of the people like to read content if there’s a topic related image so it is recommended to create and use your own images. It is true original images take more time and efforts to create, but these images look more genuine and results to better results. Putting original and genuine images in articles is a good way to improve the quality of a blog post this year.Publish Contents More FrequentlyIn case you’re similar to numerous of other bloggers, you may turn out to be slacking on your blog entries occasionally.

While it’s superbly ordinary to not have feel for composing constantly, keep in mind that being reliable with your blog content is most important in order to keeping your valuable readers in and returning to your blog.Posting on your website when you feel like it or ignoring it for 1 or 2 weeks won’t not appear like a major deal to you, but it can create a negative impression your readership. It can lead to loss of traffic and viewers because most if the people love to see a fresh blog post every days. And in case they keep revisiting your website only to search new and updated contented and if there’s no fresh blog post in sight, after a bit they will fed up with your site and definitely stop checking and visiting your website. So you should make it your resolution for this new year.Be More SocialWhether we believe or not but social media plays an important role in our daily lives. Without any reason, we check our social media accounts like Facebook, linkedin, post images on Instagram and share tweets on twitter.

With more than 2 billion active users on monthly basis Facebook is one of the largest social network worldwide, it’s very easy to understand that every online business owner should devote some time and put some extra effort in these social networking platforms. Get Mobile-FriendlyIn this modern world every user use more mobile phones instead of desktops or computers so it’s important that people can easily view your stunning site on every mobile device – and when you choose website builder tool to create your website, you’re already at top of ladder because these site builders are responsive and mobile friends. You can easily customize all of the required things of your website in order to make sure your site looks beautiful and runs smoothly on mobile devices as well as on desktops.


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