Data these data one can predict operational performance,

Data Data are the livelihood of a smart factory. With thecomputation power of computers, data can be analysed and provides feedback tothe system, since it is a closed loop control. With these data one can predictoperational performance, fluctuations in supply chain, and abnormalities in a machine;and can rectify it as soon as possible before any major breakdown occurs. Datacan exist in many form not just working data of machines but also data from theenvironment such as dust particles, humidity, emissions, and etc.

How data arecombined and processed varies from factories to factories. For example in aquality department must consider the data from dust particles before takingmeasurement but other department need not necessary takes these information.  For a factory to be smart, companies should constantlycollect large amount of data and validate it. Once a smart factory reached acertain position in terms of standards, the data generation is also increasedover time. For example companies must upgrade their data storage. Data storage mightbe represented in form of1.

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       Digitaltwin 2.       Digitalshadow.Digital twin servers as a life line between the physical anddigital world. First smart sensors gather information about real-time status,working condition, or layout which is integrated with a physical machine.

Datafrom various equipments are connected to a storage device such as cloud-basedsystem. This input is analyzed against business models. With the availableinformation new opportunities are uncovered within the virtual environment thatcan be applied to the real world, ultimately transforming your business.Digital shadowrefers to a set of unique traceable digital activities, operations that areperformed using Internet or on digital devices.

Digital data can also be storedin many ways depending on the company’s investment. Since it is a smart factory;one should storage data as online, it records everything right from timestamping, ordering of products, workers time stamping works , etc, using thesemethods everything can be traced backed who did what, so there will be hasslefree backtracking the sources of error.


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