Data Banks generally utilize this method of data

Dataprocessing is the alteration of facts and data into the functioning, usable andestimated form. This alteration or dispensation is carried out by utilizing apredefined plan of procedures either carried out manually or electronically.Actually, the data processing is completed by using processers and is also doneconsistently in order to get better results. The production of the processeddata is achieved in variable desired forms and layouts dependent upon thesoftware or the mode of data handling being used. Data processing methods1.

      Manual Data ProcessingThe calculations as wellas the logical operations along with data transference is done manually. Thisis the slowest data handling process but errors are the main reason why it hasbeen obsolete since quite some time now. Small businesses as well as governmentoffices use this system of data management. 2.      Mechanical Data ProcessingThis is a more accurateand faster than manual systems which is due to invention and evolution ofmachines with better computing and recording power.

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Printing press as well asexamination boards use this method of data management. 3. Electronic DataProcessingEDP is the contemporary method to process data. The data usually isprocessed through a digital computing device and all the data is handledautomatically. Banks generally utilize this method of data management in orderto acquire error free data processing.Advantages Provides latest and needed material and data only The material is readily accessible for instantaneous decision-making Delivers improved services to the data handlers.

Speedy, consistent as well reliable data Decreases movement of hardcopies of the data as it is easier for soft data to float.Disadvantages Necessitates the multifaceted data and is very costly and expensive It is not so laidback and easy to grow or develop Actual systems typically utilize a couple of processors in order to share the assignments and workload which is also extremely expensive as well as time taking Requires some outsized and extensive communication tools. 


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