Darkness that was nothing. What he delivered to

Darkness descended upon us with a startling grip, rousing us from the sweet labour of
restiveness. We had never felt this before, a fire which was able to light us from within, a sense of
freedom as if we ever had one. They came in with flaming slogans, calling us to join them. Their
eyes beckoned us over, alight with a lust for freedom, for justice. Freedom from the lack of labour,
from the incompetence of nothingness, freedom from the fear of being economy-less men in a
world driven by money. The Muslim Brotherhood aroused in us what we had not felt in a while,
they doused in our hearts the crackling fire of hopeless and kindled in its place, a warm light
within our chests, the light of hope.
Nasser had made us done for, we were all walks of men with no work and the little earning that
we had been able to earn, that man, that scoundrel if I dare say it, had it taken away from us.
Alexandria was the name of the city we lived in and the Suez Canal Company was the source of
our employment; was the source of employment being the key word.
Our President, God forbid his soul rests in peace. It was his fault, it was his fault that we lost our
jobs. He was the single man to blame, the bane of our existence, the cardinal sin of greed in flesh.
He made great promises to us, you know? He promised us gold, he promised a golden, bright
Egypt. An Egypt of bright prospects, a striving centre of electricity, crackling and whipping in
delight. We were not meant to be this way anymore, we were meant to be more. We were meant to
be a great country, the head of the Arabian world. He promised us that, Nasser did!
What, delivered to us? Ha, that was nothing. What he delivered to us was suffering. He made us
suffer, it was because of his selfish greed, his unquenched thirst for power that the Suez Canal was
nationalised, he was the sole reason to blame for our struggles, the loss of our livelihood. He
promised us the removal of all western forces, he promised us a country free from the mar
staining the blood of the Egyptians; he promised us freedom from the western countries, from
Britain- the ugly coloniser responsible for our country’s demise in its colonised ‘glory’.
What we failed to understand is this- the Muslim Brotherhood was not in any way better, they
roused us into revolt for their own personal gain, in a bid to undermine Nasser. They roused us to
revolt, they promised us that we shall rise like phoenix from the ash of the old days of Egypt, they
promised us that we shall be remembered, acknowledged- if a revolt was to be underway, Nasser
would have to look at us; oh, and how we longed for him to look at us. Look at us, why don’t you?
Look at your people, look at the suffering in our eyes, at the tattered clothes on our backs, the
parched skin on our lips; look at the begging, base animals you have made out of us.
Come what may, this is your fault, Nasser. You have made us into this, it is because of you that we
have been reduced to this. It is because of you that we are controlled with sticks, our bones broken
and our hearts searing through our chest; it is because you that we rose to revolt and yes, be
under no mistaken guise, it is because of that we were made to be mere pawns in the games you
play with Britain, and guess what Nasser? Checkmate. 


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