The The case study will analyze the background

The paper is a case study of a company which is engaging in dance lessons and classes over the internet and in person and they want to promote the business mostly through the internet and through other ways.

The case study will analyze the background of the company so as to understand what it does, who it serves, the methods it uses in promoting its services, the problems that the company is facing in trying to promote its services and the recommendations on how to face the problems. The paper will basically study the case, find out the problem and give recommendations on how to deal with the problem The case is about Dancescape Company which is offering dancing services from personal classes, group sessions and dance videos. It is owned by a Robert and Beverly Tang who are former dancing champions who are using what they know how to do to earn them money. The company is mostly serving the boomers who are a group of people of ages above forty. Within the target market, they want to concentrate more on the women. The company has already made a dance video on how to learn how to dance which has cost them a lot of money but it is already selling in the market. The company also has a group dance session at the Ukrainian church.

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The company however needs a lot of money to the tune of $1.4 million to promote it and get more sales of the dance videos and other products via three websites. This is to ensure that so that their dance lessons can be easily downloaded and they can easily interact with current and potential consumers of their services. The company also has contacts with seeks Lina KO who works with the national public relations, a company that carries out research on boomers and also Robert herjavec who owns a computer company who advice the company on how best to promote its business.

The problem that Dancescape Company is facing is that they are having difficulty in getting the business started in the three websites so that they can be successful. The company wants to build three websites which cost a lot of money and they therefore need an investor to help them in funding the project. They had a problem in making a good impression to Tim Draper who is their potential investor. They were not ready with the sales pitch and therefore Robert kept confusing Tim’s name for Steve. This gave an impression that they were not ready. The company is also focused on a lot of use of technology for example the Facebook approach which is not familiar with the boomers The company has already released a dance video which is already being sold and they are also holding dance lessons to the boomers in the Ukrainian church hall. The situation currently is that their target market is responding positively towards their business because they are already buying the dance video and they are also attending dance classes at the Ukrainian church hall.

They have also made their presentation to Tim and this shows how serious they are with the business The company can get the business going by convincing Tim of the benefits that he will get from the websites. They should therefore do another sales pitch without any mistakes. The company should also find other ways apart from the internet to market their services so as to reduce the use of technology.

It should also bring an element of being young in their lessons and videos and promotional messages so as to attract the boomers more by making them think that dancing will make them feel younger


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