Daily about the importance of decluttering your life

Daily we are bombarded with millions of advertisements whichpersuade us to consume more than ever. Advertisers in today’s mass culture (modernconsumerism) have tactics that quench our subconscious desires. In today’s eraIndividuals work more than they ever did to fulfill these desires.

 “7 years ago, I was28 years old and up until that point I had achieved everything I wanted: 6figure salary, luxury cars, closets full of expensive clothes, and a big suburbanhouse with more toilets than people. In midst of working to conform to thisconsumer life: my mom died, and my marriage ended. All this made me realize that,I was living the American dream, but it was not my dream” Joshua fields Millburn,a minimalist, narrates his story as he speaks about the importance of declutteringyour life from these unwanted essentials. (Millburn, 2016)The concept of minimalism came into existence in post-worldwar II, in the 1960’s. As a 60’s brainchild of the Bauhaus Movement.

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Minimalismcontinued the trend of artists rejecting lavish styles of past.Minimalist art appeared in New Yorkin 60s as new and old artists moved towards geo metric abstraction. Minimalismart features includes geometric, often cubic forms purged of much metaphor,equality of parts, repetition, neutral surfaces and industrial materials. FrankStella was the first minimalist artists who found expression in a series of painting,the black paintings in which regular bands of black paint were separated by thinpinstripes of unpainted canvas. Modern minimalist visual art is well rounded bythe term neo-minimalism: Minimalism in architecture started gaining importance whendecoration has become so intense that it began to subvert the functionality andpurpose of the objects it touched. Then emerged a group of minimalists who startedasking questions like: How can you strip away from an item- like paintings,sculptures, furniture and buildings without losing its essential purpose?Minimalism in architecture first appeared as a movement in20th century with a reference to “pure” and “zero” architecture (Botha,2014), This movement was fueled by German-American architect Ludwig Mies vander Rohe, when he introduced “Less is more”.

He soon became the emblematic notion of minimalism, implyingthe existence of the clearness and spatial management (Pracejus, et. al, 2006).His trademark approaches to minimalism in architecture were use of modern constructionmaterial, reduction of structure; frameworks, and inclusion of open space.

Inthe modern world, minimalist architecture simplifies living space to reveal theessential quality of buildings and conveys simplicity in attitude. 


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