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DACA, The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Policy, is a policy based on the age old issue of illegal immigration. The policy was put into place by President Obama in June of 2012. The policy gives immigrants that came into the United States at a young age the chance to have a two year grace period. This grace period is known as deferred action This was also extended to people who had come into the US or had been staying in the United States illegally.

Deferred action meant that the individual was protected from being deported and they were able to receive a work permit. The work permit could be renewed every two years based on the individual’s behavior. Research on DACA shows that it had increased the pay of people who participated as well as labor force participation from the immigrants who took part in DACA. DACA also increased the mental stability of the participants and their families.

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It has been shown that DACA has no ill effects on native born American employment and that DACA shows no damage to the US economy, in fact, it has shown positive effects.The eligibility for DACA is rather strict, but is necessary for the opportunity that it grants immigrants. For an immigrant to be able to participate in the program, they must have proof of identity, such as a passport or birth certificate. The applicant must have proof that they entered the United States before their sixteenth birthday, like school records for a United States school or a Form I-94, I-95, or I-94 W.

They must also show that proof that they resided in the United States since June 15, 2007 and that they were present in the United States on June 15, 2012. Ways to show this would include rent receipts, employment records like a W-2 form, or school or military records. The applicant must also show if they have taken part in deportation proceedings or have been arrested by police or government agency such as FBI. There are certain requirements for DACA participants to travel outside of the United States. For that, they must pay an extra fee of $575.00 plus the original $465.00 to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS. They must also turn in a Form I-131 Type D.

A Form I-131 is a form necessary for reapplying for reentry, refuge travelling, or advance parole travel. A Form I-131 is required from everyone who applies for a Green Card, regardless of how they arrived in America. Within the form, the applicant will apply for “advance parole”. Advance parole is an application to the USCIS that immigrants can apply for to allow them to travel outside of the United States and return lawfully with no problems. In order to be admitted for advance parole, the applicant must be traveling for one of three reasons; educational, like studying abroad, employment, such as interviews or training, or for humanitarian purposes, like medicine or a sick/deceased relative.

Advanced parole applicants will not be accepted for leisurely trips, such as vacations. The reason for travel outside of the United States must be of importance and the application must be approved.DACA is a great opportunity for the children of immigrants. Children do not get to pick their parents and they have no control over what their parents do. In most cases, parents bring their family over to the United States for a better life, a fresh start. With DACA, children are able to get a glimpse of all the incredible opportunities America has to offer them. A chance to make a way for themselves, be successful, and be able to provide for themselves and their family. The American Dream is called that because it is only possible in America, but that does not mean that is exclusive to Americans.

DACA not only shows children how great their life could be, it also shows the parents and adults what their lives had been missing. It shows them what their life can be and how it could be so much better. It gives everyone admitted a chance to not only start new, but start running.

They are given the chance to find employment and provide for their family. Immigrant workers were paid originally $10.29, but the workers were given an increase of seven dollars when DACA was introduced giving the workers $17.

46 an hour.After the first year of  DACA being implemented, there was great success! The USCIS received over 573,000 applications for the program and over $430,000 were accepted. Young adults who were eligible for DACA received a high increase of opportunities for economic and social involvement. DACA gives young immigrants a chance pursue parts of life that they are not able to where they are from. There are able to take those special steps into adulthood all the way from opening a getting a job to opening a bank account or getting a credit card. In fact, based on the National UnDACAmented Research Project (NURP), the study shows that, of those who received DACA, 61% got a new job, 54% opened their own bank account, 61% were able to get their driver’s license, and 38% applied and received their first credit card.

This program shows that if a young immigrant is given the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and those in their family, they will take it and they will flourish. DACA is a great program that has given many people a chance to start over and make the American Dream come true for themselves. DACA takes all the necessary steps to ensure that America’s national security is intact by making those who apply show the necessary forms such as birth certificates, school or military records, and police records. DACA gives people the chance to live the life they never could and thrive. DACA shows that it is extremely successful in not only giving immigrants jobs, but helping them take the important steps in life.


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