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Custom kitchen cabinets offer extra space for storing items and adding to the overall decor of your cooking space. You can easily adorn the space by placing vintage nicknacks on top of your cabinets. Embellishing your cupboards does not just enhance the look of your cooking area, but it also offers storage space for items that do not have room of their own in cupboards and lockers.Antique AppliancesUse colorful and stylish antique and vintage appliances to adorn your storage spaces. An old electric hand mixer can be an ideal decoration because it does not require much effort to set up and show off. Vintage wares can help accentuate the overall appeal of the entire room. In addition, antique colanders with beautiful patterns can become striking decorations. Create a stunning after-dark effect using ambient rope lighting placed behind the colanders.Seasonal SelectionsYour kitchenette locker decor should remain the same regardless of the season or year. Consider having a specific decor for each season, such as wooden eggs or fresh flowers in a vase for spring. Autumn decorations could include a framed photo of colorful leaves propped up on an easel and real or plastic gourds and pumpkins. Allocate a space to your children for displaying their artwork apart from the refrigerator door. Although you can allow the children to decide where they can place their artwork, do not allow them to climb ladders to place the items. Rather, for safety, let them guide you from their ground position on where to place their artwork.Colorful CommercialismDecorate your custom kitchen cabinets using advertising found on fruit crates and spice tins. This will help you to create a vivid food-themed cupboard attraction. Select food crate advertising with bright and colorful images of fruits such as oranges, grapes, and peaches. If you decide to use the whole crate on display, arrange the crate in such a way that the label is visible from the ground level. Use open spaces between and within the crates to house potted plants, faux ivy, and sets of vintage salt and pepper shakers.Show Off Your InterestsYou can use the space above your custom kitchen cabinets as a built-in display for various items that you collect, including antique milk bottles and vintage lunch boxes. If you intend to display clear, screen-printed glassware such as milk bottles on top of your cabinets, consider putting sheets of white paper inside the bottles to make the graphics more visible. In addition, display your lunch boxes to match your color scheme for the room. Beautiful beverage bottles and gumball machines may be used as additional decor. Other items that you can use to add atmosphere your kitchenette shelves include small chalkboards with greetings or drawings chalked on them, faux fruits, and wire baskets.Custom kitchen cabinets provide homeowners with the extra storage they need. You can use various decorations to enhance the look of your home and the space above the cabinets.


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