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 Currently, the Android app developers use the pushnotification widely feature on your Android Smartphone. It informs the usersabout the update as well as relevant information whether they get them. Itlooks like a good feature while some people find it annoying fact.

Suppose appssuch as Hotstar app will make you crazy with their push notifications alongwith the e-commerce apps also great fact of annoying to their users. But, thesetypes of apps don’t even have any necessity so that sometimes you may look forits disable option. All people may not complain about these notifications thatcome from the app developers.  But, if you’re fond of YouTube and they send their latestupdate with notifications, then it would not make any trouble for you. Some of theapps come with the built-in option that you can stop the notifications ofAndroid. But, some are not coming with this ‘stop’ option. If you can’t stop orturn off app notifications for any app, then you end up installing it.

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 How to Disable Android App Notifications Fortunately, the issues have come in a solution while Googletakes proper care of it where you can stop the notifications. You have twodifferent ways to make it disabled while you’re getting annoyed with itsnotifications. The first one works if your app provides any built-in appnotifications. On the other hand, the second one is to use if your appssettings disable app notifications for your devices.  First Method: Disable App Notifications from AppSome of the apps include the official apps of the Google,such as YouTube and the Google Play Store apps. They come with built-in optionswhile you’re disabling them. So, if you deal with some other types of apps thanGoogle apps, then you can open the app as well as go to its Settings option.

There is an option that allows turning off the app notifications under settingsoption. In case you deal with Android’s YouTube app and like to disable it sothat you don’t get any notification next time. The steps are how to turn offits notifications.   Go to the YouTube app after opening your Android device. Now, tap on the Menu button which locates at the top right side, 3 horizontal lines. Tap on ‘Settings’ from the Drop-down menu.

Finally, tap on the ‘Notifications’ under settings that turn off all notifications from YouTube app. But, if you like to turn off only specific notifications, then leave the first option. Nowadays the official Google apps’ built-in Notification disabling feature is not limited, but other apps also present it. So, you can try this method before moving to the second method.  Second Method: Disable App Notifications from AppIt’s said earlier every app doesn’t come with a built-inoption that use to disable app notifications.

Luckily, you have still turnedoff app notifications using it’s the App Settings. Follow the below step thatstops app notifications.   From your Apps Drawer, you can tap on the ‘Settings’ option to open the app. Otherwise, pull down the apps slider as well as tapping on the Gear icon, which indicates Settings. Tap on the ‘Apps’ option that comes under ‘Settings’. It’ll show you all apps that you installed on your device. Select as well as tap on the app that you like to turn off the push notifications. If you’re inside of the app, you have to uncheck the ‘Show Notifications’ option under the ‘Force Stop Button’.

You’ll get a pop-up dialogue box and tap on the ‘OK’ and then save the settings that you changed. 


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