Cultural People encounter aspects of culture daily in

Cultural differences affect many aspects of our daily lives. Everybody has a culture that somehow shapes their personal way of life. Whether it be traditions, food or something much bigger or much smaller. People encounter aspects of culture daily in their communities, workplaces and schools, culture is seen in many ways and affects people in many different ways.

Bharati Mukherjee, in her short story “Two Ways to Belong in America” we experience how someone’s cultural experiences shape one’s perception on the world. Mira, one of the two sisters in the story married and gained citizenship. Mira after 36 years as a legal immigrant in America struggles with possible new immigration policies. This shows how Mira, an American Citizen although originally from India is affected by immigration laws even though she is now an American citizen. This is a great example how immigration and ethnicity is a huge part of some peoples culture and daily lives. I have personal experience on how culture affected me on a family trip to Ireland. Although i am approximately 6.25% Irish, and have a known last name of the land, while visiting local towns / villages everybody would stare and talk about us Americans “Look at these Americans”. This is an example how my culture and person family background affected a trip to a different country. Once people discovered we had ancestors in Ireland and that we were irish, we were treated differently. Both the story and my personal experience show how culture affects people based on ethnicity family background, are great examples of how culture affects many people in different ways.

Ethnicity and family background are not the only aspects of culture, food is a huge part of culture as well. A


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