I been asked to research project of my

I am a student studying IT foundation at Burnley College. In this particular unit which I key skill I have been asked to research project of my own choice. I have chosen to do my research project on the legendary cricketer Imran Khan, the reason why I have chosen to do my project on this particular cricketer is because he was excellent cricketer and had a very interesting social life in involving a non-Muslim converting to Islam. This made my interest in the sportsmanship profile very high because he had a lot going on whilst in his cricket career.Also he helped and gave money to charity and other organisations. Chapter 1 Superstar Profile  Known As: Imran Khan Batting style: Right hand batsman  Bowling Style: Right arm fast bowler  Test Debut: Pakistan v England  Last test match played: Pakistan v Sri Lanka  One-day international debut: Pakistan v England Last one-day international debut: Pakistan v England  Major teams played for: Pakistan, New South Wales, Sussex, Oxford University, Worcester, Dawood Hercules, and Lahore City Association Imran Khan was born on 25 November 1952 in the city of Lahore located in Pakistan.

Imran Khan father called Ikramullah Khan Niazi was engineer by profession the family could be described a upper middle class and comfortably well off than rich. In the city of Lahore there was park called Zaman park. The Zaman park is where Imran Khan would come and spend time playing cricket with family and cousins who lived with him.

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Eight of Imran Khan’s cousins become professional cricketers, which was extraordinary achievement for the generation. All of the eight cousins, which become professional cricketers lived with Imran Khan in his home at Lahore and grew up with him.Among Imran Khan cousins were Javed Burki and Majid Khan who both encouraged Imran Khan to become a cricketer or go into education. Chapter2 The first occasion that Imran Khan was inspired and eye catching was at the age of 13 by cousins and public members within Lahore. Imran Khan was selected at the age of 13 to become a member of the cricket team that was extraordinary as he played with cricketers who were couple of years older than him. He played for the school team and was the wicket taker for every match and his batting won games.

The school team coach started to become aware of that the young player was becoming a star a he won three cups within one year. As Imran Khan progressed at cricket his head turned towards education and went on finished his final year in the Lahore school. Then the young star decided to carry on his education in England in a grammar school called the Royal Grammar School in Worcester. He studied economics and politics at the school in 1972; at the am time whilst he was studying he met Benazir Bhutto who was his classmate.As Imran Khan progressed on to Oxford University he decided to join the university cricket team.

Then Imran decide to drop out of the cricket team and concentrate on his exams that were coming up at the end of the year. As his exams were over he decided to join back with cricket team Oxford University he as noticed William Shakespeare who was the Worcester coach had noticed the talent of Imran and decided to sign him up for his club in 1977 and then moved to Sussex the next year. His star status was beginning to show by the crowds cheering him on and the media following his trips and vacations to his home country.All the youngsters were beginning to accept him as the sporting idol. Imran had difficultly with the media, as the star couldn’t get any privacy. As Imran took interviews set by the media he began to gain confidence and Imran told the media about what his parent had told him to remember while doing anything was about how he should keep his feet firmly on the ground and this was all bestowed upon him by Allah. As the scouts come from Pakistan to see his performance they were pleased with his performance and were desperate to put him in the Pakistan cricket team.

The Pakistan supporters greeted the young star on to the pitch with cheers and Imran felt welcomed. The first 36 performances convinced the coach that Imran had another special talent, which was captaincy and leadership. The skills that Imran said to be required to be captain of any team are the following:  Patience  Skills  Team sprit Imran said in his interview with the television network called PTV that all the three qualities listed above were vital to win matches and to show the supporters the full commitment. Chapter3 InjuryIt was on the second day of the second test against India at Karachi in December 1982, when Imran experienced pain in his left shinbone whilst getting out of his bed.

This incident at a later stage slowed down his career for two years. However Imran continued to play not realising what serious damage he was doing. The doctors that were initially consulted thought this was a case of bad bruising as the fracture was invisible at first.On 1 April 1983, X-rays revealed a huge crack in Imran’s shinbone.

Imran was admitted to Cromwell Hospital in April 1984, and the treatment was subsidised by the Government on.


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