Critical Thinking

Description of the first problem

The first problem situation is about the use of cell phone while driving. The use of cell phone while behind the wheel has proved to very catastrophic to road users. The habit has led to the death of many people. The common practice disorients the attention of the driver and endangers the lives of other individuals using the road (Cain & Burris, 2000). Cell phone use while driving reduces the driver’s level of proficiency to take control of the vehicle in a situation when an emergency takes place.

More so, it increases the response time in such an instance. Talking on a cell phone while on the road for an extended period puts the driver at risk of experiencing mood changes. Moods are essential in determining the ability of someone to accomplish duties efficiently. Thus, if someone driving is engaged in a disturbing conversation, then his or her moods will reflect this and he or she will tend to be more hostile and forceful to other road users. It is important to note that the role that has been endowed to drivers is enormous since their actions have a direct effect on the lives of other people. Thus, using a cell phone while driving makes the drivers to treat such an enormous responsibility with impunity and ignore the dangers related to the practice.

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Description of the second problem

The second problem situation is about the adoption of genetic engineering technology in food production. This technology involves the direct human exploitation of the genes of a plant material, using recombinant DNA techniques, in a manner that does not take place in natural conditions so as to give it modified or novel genes with beneficial characteristics (Parekh, 2004).

Genetic modification of plant material has been undertaken quite strongly over the past years as a way of solving the problem of food shortage in the world. This technology has been used to build intrinsic plant resistant attributes to pests, cold, drought, and other infections. Thus, the technique has been employed to increase the production of food so as to meet the demands of the world’s growing population.

In addition, to solve the common problem of malnutrition, the technology has been used to ensure that crops have adequate levels of beneficial nutrients. Even though genetic modification of plant material has led to a major breakthrough in food production in the world, the adoption of this technology has aroused a number of controversies. Several individuals are concerned about the safety of foods produced by this technology because their possible health effects on other organisms have not been thoroughly investigated. In addition, the use of this technique to increase food production poses some threats to the environment. Some of which are the unintended transfer of transgens by means of cross-pollination and the likelihood of plants developing increased pest resistance traits.

Using persuasive thinking to solve the first problem

Persuasive thinking can be employed to find a solution to the first problem particularly due to the increased dangers that using a cell phone while driving poses to the driver as well as to other road users. This eases the process of convincing people particularly those who are in leadership positions to search for ways of solving this problem, even if it means passing stringent rules to curb the deadly practice. It is even easier to persuade people to stop using cell phones while driving, as they will remain focused on the road and their attention will not be deteriorated by any outside interference.

Persuasive approach to solving problems enables the concerned individuals to analyze the advantages involved in pursuing a particular course of action. Additionally, this approach makes it possible for individuals to analyze the disadvantages that are derived from their actions. And, after looking at both sides, individuals can decide on the best direction to take. In the problem of the use of cell phone while driving, the negative effects of the action precede the advantages. Thus, it is easier to persuade individuals to stop using the devices while on the road.

Using scientific thinking to solve the first problem

Scientific approach to problem solving entails facts that are provable by means of conducting tests and evaluating their effect in the lives of people. Although the technology of genetic modification of plant material has aroused much debate, it is evident that it has led to increased benefits in terms of increasing food production to care for the world’s booming population.

More over, the technology has led to environmental sustainability and has reduced the dependence on pesticides and herbicides during crop production. Since the merits of the adoption of this technology can lead to increased benefits to the society, the concerns that have been raised regarding its use should be tackled positively. As a result, advances towards its complete adoption should be made, but cautiously, in order not to ignore its long-term safety and environmental effects.

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