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Crime has been increasing over the years within the American society and the world over.

People are forced to live in fear of falling victims to various crimes whereby they can be robbed, injured or killed. There are numerous ways which have been adopted in dealing with crime. This paper explores the various aspects that have been embraced in dealing with crime problems. Crime has been blamed on various aspects, but it is believed that the family background plays a great role is determining the deviant behavior of individuals. In this respect, it can be asserted that individuals who have been raised in dysfunctional families or from environments that do not foster good behavior are likely to develop criminal behavior. Therefore, it can be argued that crime problems in the society can be addressed by focusing on the root cause of the problem.

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The crimes being witnessed in the United States cannot comprehensively be solved through the implementation of stricter gun control or by incarcerating criminal offenders. The criminal problem can be resolved through socialization process, in which the young members of the American society can be taught on the righteous ways. Since socialization occurs at home and in school among other institutions, the parents and teachers have a big role to play in curbing the problems associated with crime. The family is the primary social institution which should play a vital role in shaping the characters of individuals. In most instances, parents do not have enough time for children. The children are exposed to dangerous programs in the media including the television and computer games.

Other children are left to play with their peers from where they learn criminal behavior. The children who are left uncared for find solace in criminal gangs which act like their second homes. Therefore, the problem can be well addressed by emphasizing on good family and institutional socialization. Criminals and other deviants who break the established laws have to be dealt with in an appropriate manner so as not to repeat their offense, and serve as a deterrent to other members of the society. In this respect, law breakers have to be taken away from society and punished for their actions. Though these people need to be punished, there is need to give them a second opportunity in the society. Therefore, it is important to rehabilitate them to become productive members of the society. However, before they are released back to society, they should be thoroughly vetted to determine if they have truly reformed.

The prison system as it is in the United States has to be improved, and emphasis should be put on corrective as opposed to retributive measures. In this regard, the prisons should be used in reforming criminals and make them productive to the society. The prisons should focus on imparting useful skills and changing the mindset of the criminals. This will enable them become readily accepted in the society after serving their terms. Most of the criminals have had a difficult background that led them to become what they are. In such cases, the prison has to help the criminals and integrate them back in the society. There is no doubt that crime is a growing problem across the world.

Since the United States is a world leader in many aspects, it has to set a trend in addressing crime which will be emulated by other countries.


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