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Creating jobsand training people 2,3,4,5Atits peak, the Battersea Power Station employed just over 1,000 workers; due tothe site’s massive redevelopment it is to employ 17 times as many. However,it’s not only about the jobs created, it’s just as important to provide peopletraining and learning opportunities so that they are best equipped to do thosejobs.Furthermore,the Battersea Power Station will welcome the learning academy that is going toprovide training and skill-boosting opportunities for the local population tobecome well trained to obtain future employment. Generatingwork for local and national businesses 2,5,6,7BatterseaPower Station is one of the characterizing features of the London skyline, yetthe impacts are being felt throughout the whole UK.

After completion, the rejuvenationof the Power Station is estimated to make an influx of around £15 billion tothe UK economy in its first twenty years of operation. Meanwhile, asconstruction continues, rough predictions suggest just under £2 billion ofadditional benefits will make reach the economy, helping to safeguardbusinesses from all over the country. Delivering newtransport infrastructure 2,3,4Aspart of the proposal, all transportmeans will benefit from significant enhancement, including an extensionto the LondonUnderground and two adjacent stations. This will enhance mobility of theexisting residents and create a new destination for Londoners in general.TheNorthern Line Extension will be the first privately funded extension to theLondon Underground and is a good example of public and private sector collaboration.

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The station has contributed morethan £200 million to this extension, which is to keep travel time to the Cityand West End down to 15 minutes, leading to further investment and bringingabout potential for further economic benefits in the area. Bus route andgeneral road junction improvements are also included in the proposal. New income opportunities for theGovernment 2,5This regeneration will contributeto local and?national government income. Thisproject is estimated to generate an additional £53 million in the form of netdirect income tax and corporation tax contributions per year. Furthermore, afteroccupation, an additional £176 million is predicted to be received by centraland local government annually.  Restoration ofthe historical art deco architecture 2,3,4,5Conserving the building andmaintaining heritage of the iconic landmark. Very important restoration projectfor enjoyment of the future generations. This has to be carried out carefully,gently dismantling the unnecessary materially, some of which to be kept for re-purposing.

The important architectural and design elements must be treated accordingly toavoid damage and loss of the historical appearance.  Creatingmassive public open space 2,3,4Huge public open space area isdesigned in the centre of the development. The aim of the architects was tocreate a series of high quality spaces connected between each other to use forthe visitors to enjoy. Some of these will meet the amenity needs of residents,office workers and shoppers, but there will be new routes and spaces foreveryone to explore. 


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