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Creating passive income takes work, but once you implement those processes, it’s one of the most fruitful income sources that you’ll ever have and it’s also very rewarding. I’m going to share 11 most favorite passive income sources that you can start today. * InvestingThe first idea is pretty much a no brainer.I know many of you reading this might think; “well,  I don’t have enough money to get started”. I get it, you’re not alone in this, but it doesn’t really take a lot of money to get started whether it is fifty bucks a month, a hundred dollars a month, anything that you can start investing, you can start making gains, you can start making interests off your investment. So,  whether you’re making capital gains off of your mutual funds, your stocks or if you have dividends that pay out on a consistent basis, these are all sources of passive income that you can get. If you’re not sure whether to start investing,  there are a ton of online providers, there are too advisers such as betterment, wealthfronts,  acorns, RobinHood, allyinvest e-trades etc.  If you do nothing about investing and you want somebody to pick those investments for you, I’d recommend betterment. Betterment doesn’t have any money to start and it’ll choose an ETF model for you. So,  if you’re putting any money in, they’re going to choose those investments and then you’ll sit back and start making those capital gains and dividends.Another option that I love when it comes to investing is peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-peer lending is just as if you’re acting like the bank, instead of somebody going to the bank to get a loan, you’re giving them a micro loan, so you become the financial institution. In giving out micro loans you’re only giving out a hundred dollars or it’s equivalent based on your local currency per loan,sometimes less.I don’t know if you’ve ever taking a personal loan from the bank, but you know how much interest they charge. Imagine taking the place of the bank and collecting those interest. The top two peer-to-peer lending websites are lendingclub and prosper


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