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Course Project Part 3: The Final Project
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Introduction …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Project plan ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………Organization background……………………………………………………………………………………….

Business problem……………………………………………………………………………………………………
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Alternative solutions and recommendations…………………………………………………………….

Performance measurement plan……………………………………………………………………………..

Organizational impact…………………………………………………………………………………………….


In this paper the objective is to find the solution of the industrial problems and overcome the issues which effects the development of the industry which lead to the decrement on the customer satisfaction and quality of service also compromise on the other hand, effect of the unpredicted and predicted problems rival companies get advantage of this which can lead to overcome the market from many aspects ,eventually this end with the drop of prestige and profit of the industry.
This paper contains the background information of the targeted company with the analysis of the problems and their solutions which can overcome the problem without effecting the regular functionality of the company ,it also include the team member ,who worked on it and implement the solution in sequential format and ensure the overall working of the targeted solution with taking care of the data and services of the industry. It also replicate the effect of issue on the performance of the company. This make the availability of the new solutions with the pros and cons of it. There are alternate solutions which make it easy.

In some business the advancement is needed to attract the customer or service providers. As the growth of the business can be increased by adopting the new methods to deal with the work become smoother and it will save the time of employer as well as costumer which can be utilize on other resources.
In the project the implementation of the new system by replacing the older one is the most difficult task but in our case the flexibility and availability of the system make it easy and fast. To demonstrate the idea on the regular basis need a good team which have few skills and according to it they will full fill their responsibility. In our team we have a project coordinator, developers (IT developer ), Project manager and the most important part is end users.

The main part of the project is to cover the important aspects of the work on or before time like management of resources and equipment along with the scheduling of the work which was the basic duty of the project coordinator. He also Make sure that clients needs are met as projects evolve, prepare budgets, Analyze risks and opportunities.

As SaaS is the one of the immerging technology so it required to be get the support from the IT developers which make the use of it very effective and suitable for the business. Which the effective use of the software and at last which is beneficial for the end user who is utilizing the software and IT developer help us to overcome the technical issues during the project.
Duty of the project manager is coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and within scope along with this he is also responsible for making deadlines ,assigning responsibilities. He is mainly responsible for Ensuring resource availability and allocation which is provided by the project co-ordinator , Develop a detailed project plan to monitor and track progress.

For completing his responsibility there are some skills which is important to have
Developing and Tracking Budgets : Budget and development is the two main feature of the project and if manager can track the budget according to the progress of project then project can be completed with the provided budget and timeline and it also improve the quality of product.

Project Management : Basically it includes the management of resources and timeframe along with selection of the right person for the work. which is beneficial for the completion of the project and also avoid the misuse of the valuable resources.

Problem solving : Issues which need attention regularly come up for project managers, This is part of their duty to predict potential problems in advance and brainstorm solutions in case these issues arise. Having backup plans and alternatives available can prevent costly delays and keep work on track.

Leadership : The capability to lead and motivate a team is essential to progressing any project. Project managers need to resolve personality conflicts and boost team spirit while also be strict enough against late or inappropriate work.

As this software is already being used by millions of the user there is very few chances of the getting fail in the project but this is a live working environment it may have following problem.

Bug or malware in the system : SaaS is service which give the access of the software through the web browser and on internet there is numerous malwares and bug are widely spread , which can be enter in the system and harm the functionality of the system and it might be damage the software service and it could damage the backup files of the data which lead to the huge lost of to company.
Net connectivity : Software is available on the vendors website and the net connectivity is required to use the software and when net connectivity is not available the use of the software become impossible. This time company can not full fill any demand of the client as well as the trines.


4.Organizational background
In any field find the opportunity or to create the opportunity is toughest part and here our team grab the opportunity to work for the param wellness canter to grow their business by eliminating old methods by executing the new and easy methods which is technologically advance and safe. In order to achieve it our group come up with the new idea which was based on the Software as a Service(SaaS). From this immerging field of computer software we get the one of the best software which is known as the ‘MINDBODY” .
In param wellness canter they plan to rise their business on stay scale which make to a mandatory design of improving manpower on their canter to manage clients data and the data of the organization who hire their trainees. In initial phase paper from is the best system to maintain the record and it is also easy to short them as per the organization demand but the growth in clients and present and past trainees make the difficult situation for the worker of the canter and after providing the huge human they can not give a quick response which make their service slower. To overcome this our team suggest to use “MINDBODY” which maintain the data and make them easily available to the staff member when they needed by this they can easily manage their appointments and even they can shortlist their trainees as per the requirement. It also manage the data of the past trainees and make it available for use along with this software service provider provides an virtual backup of the data which can be retrieve easily and they also assure the regular backup of the data as per the demand. The another advantage is that by this param wellness canter can send the reminders of the appointments. It also provides the marketing facilities to improve the business.
By seeking this opportunity our team will try to ensure the holly stick development of the new business and also create good impression of the business in the market as it provides an accurate and transparent service.
Software as a service is one of the fastest developing technology due to the numerous advantages of it and among all the advantages it is economically beneficial for the industries and company which is responsible factor for the development of the company.
Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. SaaS is one of three main categories of  cloud computing, alongside infrastructure as a service (IaaS)  and  platform as a service (PaaS). SaaS is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. In this web-based model, software vendors host and maintain the servers, databases and code that constitute an application. This flexible system can be easily customize as per the structure of business and full the need of system which more easier with armies of consultants they specialize in tweaking SaaS applications to fit your business processes.

By choosing the “MINDBODY” software as opportunity the company may get many advantages which make profit for them and it also reduce the investment. As this app provides several benefits like online booking in which by providing the schedule and it will book the timing slot according to it. It provides a customer tool which make the Store waivers, payment and visit history, important notes and more in one, instantly accessible profile. It also make a paperless system which is easy to short and backup of the data will taken as per the requirement of the organization.

By providing the global access the one can use the software from any place by using his internet and browser. The backup of the project data will be store on the cloud which mean that it can be safe and secure along with this authorised person can retrieve the back up when it is needed. One can also create a backup on local storage when it is needed. This is accessed through the browser so it does not required high featured hardware like costly laptop with advance processer ,big RAM and ROM, Higher graphics card just one need is a computer which have internet connectivity even one can use it in their tablet also and this make it flexible and helpful to owner as they can check the payments , appointments and they can send acknowledgement using the software it self. It also provide a notes to make the reminders and also alerts before the time of it on your phone so it does not relay on ones internet connectivity. Using this software organization can easy short list the and rearrange the persons as the knowledge ,skill or problem which make them more organize in their work. By sending acknowledgement , reminders , online records of individuals give the new heights to the business which is innovatory step in this field and make revolution in the field.

Corporate Social Responsibility is (CSR) an self working sequence of action that enables an organization to be socially responsible — to itself, its partners, and people in general. By rehearsing corporate social duty, likewise called corporate citizenship, organizations can be aware of the sort of effect they are having on all parts of society including monetary, social, and ecological.

When it’s comes to the “MINDBODY” customer relationship it seems to be the transparent and secure as the software tracks all of the interaction of client and storing their profile and it can be access on online. The individual profile can track not only sales and appointments, but it also show referrals, relationships to other profiles, and custom fields. Interestingly, clients can also access and update their profiles, which is handy when dealing with a highly engaged user. On the data end, “MINDBODY” will generate a numerous reports each month, according the selected subscription. It can create over 100 different types of reports, tracking everything from sales to payroll. It also give the daily report of the sales and payrolls.(
MINDBODY is the notable creative innovation platform use for the wellbeing and health and beauty service industry. The association is known for its inventive software platform which gives the tools wellness entrepreneurs need to run, advertise and build up their organizations. MINDBODY is utilized by consumers to more effectively find, engage and execute with wellness suppliers in their local communities.

MINDBODY rose up out of the straightforward thought that entrepreneurs merit an opportunity to centre around what makes a difference most: their clients. Our product has changed that vision into the world’s driving wellbeing administrations commercial centre, connecting countless energetic wellbeing, health, and magnificence experts to the a large number of customers they serve.

It helps in automating business assignments, including instalment gathering, affirmations, rescheduling, and finance handling. Software’s easy-to-utilize and effective marketing tools enable associations to keep in contact with their clients and incorporate advancements at the purpose of sale. The advertising instruments permit making custom gift vouchers and beginning advancements and loyalty programs (

MINDBODY senior vice president of consumer product Mr. Dough Hecht said that many people’s decision to do workout can be influenced by their calendar, pocket book as well as even their mood.
The MINDBODY application is designed to deliver the accurate activity at the accurate time for perfect cost; creating a more personalized experience for individuals and influencing likelihood that enhance to make fitness a part of their routine lifestyle.
Application is designed as such that it bring company more consumers, by convenient browsing to buyers and filling open classes and appointment by adjustable cost, promoted initial offers and an enhanced brand presence that aid in distinguish other offers. MINDBODY plan to increase the vulnerability and amplify booking channels that attribute these listings outside the application, via browsing and consumer brand partnerships.

Programmed notifications, affirmations and updates limit no-appears. Customers can helpfully book their next appointment by the site or the Android & iOS application. Comprehensive and insightful reporting tools allow tracking various trends, including monthly incomes, participation, deals, sales, attendance, retention levels as well as inventory, which furnishes administration with the information required for better planning.

MINDBODY is online business management tool. MINDBODY is specifically designed for business in the industry; “Software Service”. Consumer / company can access Software Service via the client login page on Website as well as through Apps.

Marketing service on MINDBODY is based on subscription to Software Service.
Once company subscribe to Software Service their business will listed on MINDBODY’s online marketing platform (“Marketing Services”). This enables consumers to find MINDBODY subscribers. Consumer can evaluate, and check review as well as book their services, right through the MINDBODY App and can be by their partner applications.
At the point when client strike business profile, company want their services to be front and centre. To show them in the application, company will have to empower online booking in MINDBODY site. Next, ensure that all of portrayals (classes, occasions, arrangements—even your staff profiles) are complete, precise and up to date. Clients—particularly application sagacious ones—get a kick out of the chance to do look into before committing, so the more quality information you have listed, the more likely they are to choose your business.

For your current clients, the MINDBODY application gives them a simpler way to check and deal their schedules—it’s the most famous element in the application. After somebody utilizes the MINDBODY application to book services, they can decide to consequently adjust their own schedules, lessening the shot of no-appears. Moreover, your clients can drop and reschedule ideal from the application, so it opens up a spot for another person.
Once a customer books once with company, company’s business is added to top choices page inside the application to keep it top-of-mind for whenever they need to book. On the off chance that they’re a consistent, they can spare your business to the home screen of the application for significantly less demanding access.

MINDBODY provide promotional programs and offer endorsers to join in program, moto of promotional program is to advance their business which will entrance clients by their Marketing Services.

Extraordinary offers drive clients to company’s entryway, and the MINDBODY application gives an effortless method to company to market them. Company can choose to promote introduction offers in the Deals Near Me segment, making them available to new customers who are searching for a service ( ).
Company can also likewise show arrangements on business profile in the application. These arrangements pull from the early on offers set up in company’s MINDBODY site. Yet, company have the alternative to sell them to both new and existing clients.
Marketing tools enable sending the correct message to potential clients and after that track the outcomes. Automated reminders, notification and updates through text messages and emails are sent to clients to reduce no-appears, while the customers can likewise be notified when another person drops and the wait list opens up. Gift vouchers can be connected straightforwardly to customer records and relatives, and can be assembled when at least two or more customers pay or calendar together. Customers are additionally ready to login and include data, see past visits and instalments, payments, reclaim gift vouchers, and more ( HYPERLINK “”

Managing staff assets is additionally made easier, because of authoritative highlights that assistance sort out collaboration, and schedule representative’s work in a solitary, simple to deal with the place. Finance can likewise be prepared rapidly and with no problem.

MINDBODY is focused around making wellness and fitness classes simpler to find by associating a huge number of clients to adjacent studios by means of their versatile application. Not long ago MINDBODY propelled dynamic evaluating across the nation, another component that helps individuals to discover an assortment of classes utilizing ‘Last minute Offers’ in the MINDBODY Application. ‘Last minute Offers’ surfaces close-by classes offered in the following 48 hours at extraordinary rates and encourages decision and accommodation over the various, regularly expanding expansiveness of classes offered on the MINDBODY Application (
Dynamic valuing additionally enables studio owners to set individual class costs that at that point modify continuously dependent on verifiable information, prominence and different factors – enabling them to harness the intensity of free market activity to fill their classes. With this innovation, boutique wellness and wellbeing studio proprietors have the ability to fill more classes and acquire more income, while helping more individuals achieve their wellness objectives.

OnSched is an alternative technology to MINDBODY. OnSched is an ultra-adaptable and versatile web based booking API that is intended for current organizations. It has a powerful arrangement of highlights that enable company to make their own work processes and procedures and pervade them with very own marking through its white naming capacity. When company have coordinated it into their custom applications, company can dispatch it to their preferred commercial centre, use it in their objective to expand their organization’s incomes, and utilize it for steady client encounters (

Comprehensive improvement stage, completely available through REST API with exhaustive documentation. OnSched has spent significant time in building plug and play booking arrangements that address the issues of complex venture situations. Adaptable setup, and a best in class highlight rundown to design any reserving situation. Administration appointments Room Bookings In-store Visits Consultations Meetings OnSched make it simple to construct really custom, white named arrangements with insignificant coding (

OnSched additionally shows its great engineering by giving you incomparable perceivability over your association. Due to its best down methodology, company can finely deal with all areas, sellers, and deals delegates from a solitary stage, giving you excellent administration. This is particularly helpful when company have to manage appointments for various locales and those that are determined to various time zones .OnSched is worked in light of Enterprise organizations utilizing a “Top – Down” setup strategy. At the Highest level is the OnSched Company Profile, which envelops all Business Locations inside the Company (

If company require a scheduling module in your interface, then OnSched is the technology. OnSched has a powerful open API that company can incorporate into their application to enable to oversee appointments. Interfacing it is additionally simple, as company have unbarred access to API documentation.

No-show customers can make company to lose income. That is reason OnSched has an informing highlight. With this, company’s client is consequently helped to remember their appointment through timetable notices, SMS, and email messages. Also, if company’s planned arrangement is dropped in any case, at that point you company acknowledge extra customers to fill the gaps.

MINDBODY and OnSched both are web based innovative platform that use for online business. MINDBODY and OnSched support SaaS and API platform. MINDBODY can access through iPhone application as well as android application which is limitation of OnSched. OnSched can access through Windows phone application which MINDBODY cannot.

Typical customers of MINDBODY and OnSched are Mid-size Business and enterprise, in addition to its small businesses are included in MINDBODY.

MINDBODY and OnSched are both support listed things: Phone support, online support, knowledge base and video tutorials.
OnSched can integrates with the following calendars:
Google Calendar
Apple iCloud Calendar
Microsoft Outlook Calendar
Additionally, OnSched can integrate with Salesforce through AppExchange. The solution has an open API as well to allow company to connect it with other applications.

MINDBODY synchronize with the following business systems and applications:
Google Calendar
Google Analytics
Constant Contact
Credit Card
Comparing other information MINDBODY has higher integration than OnSched which make MINDBODY easy to use.

Features of MINDBODY and OnSched are vary; in MINDBODY features are higher than OnSched.

OnSched has open API and lead routing, data enrichment. OnSched has world time zone which is additional feature.
Marketing strategy is effective feature in MINDBODY, staff resources, online booking, payroll, automated task, scheduling and billing feature is additional features in MINDBODY. Promotion and gift card feature is the attractive feature for client.

Pricing of MINDBODY is $125.00 per month while OnSched pricing is $199.00 per month.

Appointment scheduling features are moreover similar in both MINDBODY and OnSched. It differ in some feature like MINDBODY has advantageous feature is automated scheduling while OnSched has two additional feature which lack in MINDBODY is group Scheduling and meeting room booking.

Reservation features are efficiently present in MINDBODY like multiple rate plans online booking, payment processing, promotions management, revenue management, and single / group reservations which are lack in OnSched.

MINDBODY has more features like business management features, club management features, dance studio features, fitness features, material arts features, massage therapy features, membership management features, personal trainer features, pilate’s studio and scheduling features (

Comparison of MINDBODY and OnSched give information that MINDBODY have higher features than OnSched. MINDBODY pricing is less than OnSched and in contrast it give efficient features.
MINDBODY works superbly of conveying update messages to customers so they don’t miss a class. MINDBODY works superbly at giving educators a quick and simple approach to check in customers and to see who is altogether agreed to accept their classes for the week. MINDBODY has an extraordinary finance include. You should simply set the dates and it creates a pleasantly spread out PDF of the considerable number of classes you instructed amid that day and age and what you have produced using them (

In any field every minor change create an impact on the timescale which can be good or bad and it can be immediate or take a long time to show the results in our case the software which we choose to opt is already tested on various parameters and there are several users of it which prove the reliability of the software and main advantage from the change is it can be customise by the IT developers according to the need of organization. By implementing this flexible and globally accessible software there are some changes in the traditional methods like pen paper work in which every data is written and check by the humans and even they maintain some dairy just to meet their daily appointments and work schedules which need to be updated accurately and most impotently they need to check it on regular intervals still there is some chances of missing any work but in case of our software it provides an user-friendly environment with the easy user interface and allow the user to make their appointments and also provide handy reminders which make sure the user did not miss any work and which keep their schedule on time and provide maximum advantage on the timeframe and most impotently reduce the manpower so requirement of the employees for that particular task is reduce and lead to the clear profit on single investment. In that manner it reduce the manpower which can be utilize in other areas to develop services and this way there is a very small change in the structure of the organization but in our case the param group of industries is newly start the param wellness canter it is not going to effect the structure as they are going to develop the structure with the counting of the software.

Right design on right time can change the face of the business and using this software there is the several analytical results will be generated which can be use full in any design and some time it can force to change our mind for the betterment of the company. By step by step guidance and effective representation of the previous data like day to day selling , appointment , complains , Feedback make it more effective while we are taking any design along with this smart software algorithm also suggest many basic changes to institute and make it easy for end users like suggesting the appointment timing by comparing the schedules of both the people which create an good impact on the client and also make our time scale properly utilize which benefits us in the term of social relationship and economic growth on the short and long durations. This improved design making power lead to the great success of the business.

Here software as a service store our data on the virtual space and make them available when it is needed means that is store in any big data or data storage system which is of the third party and that benefits us by saving the purchasing cost of that high memory elements.

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