Country States Infrastructure Communications: Phone networks provided by

CountryMatrix (Sudan on the Topics of the Preventionof human trafficking and the Provision of humanitarian aid in conflict zones) Official Name: Republic of theSudanFlag: DemographicsPopulation:40,614,770 (70% Sudanese Arabs,30% Beja, Copts, Nubians and Others)Official Languages: Arabic and EnglishReligions: 69.0% Islam, 25.0% Animist, 6.3 Christianity,>0.

1% Baha’i) GovernmentPresident: Omar al-BashirType of Government: Representative democratic consociationalistrepublicLegislature/Decision-MakingBody: Bicameral Parliament consisting of the National Assemblyand the Council of States EconomicsMainContributors: Cotton ginning, Soap distilling, Petroleumrefining, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile/light truck assembly, Milling, Mechanizedagriculture, Forestry, FishingLess Economically Developed CountryAnnual GDP: 95.58Billion USD (2016)MajorImports: Foodstuffs, Manufactured goods, Refinery andtransport equipment, Medicines and chemicals, Textiles, WheatMajorExports: Oil and petroleum products, Cotton, Sesame,Livestock, Groundnuts, Gum arabic, SugarMain TradingPartners: UAE, China, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Pakistan,India, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, United States InfrastructureCommunications: Phonenetworks provided by government, Internet services provided by companies suchas Zain Sudan, MTN Sudan and Sudani OneTransport: Poorcoverage of roads and railways, underdeveloped transport system (railwaysmanaged by government owned Sudan Railways). Taxi services are available in bigcities but donkeys and camels are more commonly used in rural areas andvillagesSanitation: Clean wateris not easily accessible, very poor sanitation (especially in rural areas)leading to many infections and diseases CultureUniqueTraits: Has great cultural diversity due to the presence ofthe many ethnic groups and religions, still has a very prevalent traditionalculture that has roots to its rich history due to the many tribes that stillsurviveUniqueFoods: Millet porridge, Mashed fava beans, African Okrasoup with Kombo, Basico, ShaiyahAttitude tothe arts: Has an emphasis on oral literature as a form ofcultural expression, art is usually related to religion due to the predominantIslam influence Sports: Passionateabout football and dominated international football on the continent, won theAfrican Cup of NationsGeographyLocation: Lies within the Northern and Eastern hemisphereImportant Neighbours: Egypt, Ethiopia, LibyaUniqueGeography: Made up of mostly sand or gravel covered desert,has the Nile River system cutting through it 3 Relevant Points for Topic 11)On November 8, 2017, Sudan launched its FirstNational Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking2)Sudan is a source country for men, women andchildren trafficked internally for the purposes of forced labour and sexualexploitation3)In June 2007, the National Child Council on ChildWelfare collaborated with UNICEF to launch a comprehensive child protectionawareness campaign in Sudan to combat child trafficking 3 Relevant Points for Topic 21)UN declared famine in two counties in South Sudanin February 2017, the EU is one of the biggest contributors of humanitarian aidduring this time2)Fighting has erupted since December 2013 whichhas left more than 1.85 million people displaced from their homes creating ahuge conflict zone which requires humanitarian aid3)The famine in South Sudan has led to violencewhich has obstructed the provision of humanitarian aid and has even led to thedeaths of 67 humanitarian workers   

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