Cost can be different other chargers later

Cost Management: An extra cost can be generated via SQL reporting. It is another feature in SQL Azure and which charge at a rate of 88-cents per hour per reporting instance. To avoid over charges maximum 200-reports can be generated per hour.

When we talk about Azure’s data chargers: Normally Azure is free for moving data-into and data-out of the SQL Azure per se, and also to inbound data transfers. Any way they will charge for outbound data, 12-cents per GB for the first 10TB every month. For any Windows-Azure-VPN connections to Azure, in either directions charges 5-cents per hour need to keep that in mind if we decide use Azure’s VPN facility for transfer data securely into SQL Azure.There can be different other chargers later also however it depends upon the service level agreement if we make changes to the services as well as some features which are available in preview mode can be free for some particular time but afterwards they might be charged a fee.

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