Corteiz simple fact that we don’t fully understand

Corteiz CallicuttEnglish Composition IIProfessor Goslin 10 September 2017Final Exam Since the beginning of modern day government and politics, there are two things that human nature ultimately craves: Power and Control. As seen through today’s politicians and government officials they naturally crave power. Whether their intention is to use their power they wield for the greater good or to achieve personal agendas, it’s a requirement in order to accomplish what is needed.

From time to time government tend uses deception and manipulation to control they minds of their citizens. When an individual can affect policies that could impact millions of lives, when are we able to draw the line between playing god and governing? In the films Fahrenheit 451 and Divergent, is a showcase of how being different could cost your freedom and even your life. Society has this natural fear of the unknown and what to make of it. The simple fact that we don’t fully understand the consequences of the unknown, ultimately leads to complete scare throughout a community.

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In both films its seen when their society was faced with an individual that was perceived as different, they leaders where in fears of what potentially might happened if the individual is not dealt with right away. Free will and freedom seems to be the main points of controversy in Fahrenheit 451 and Divergent. In a way, power is needed to suppress the fear of the unknown. For example, if a governor is completely against the transgender lifestyle they could overtly affect policies and legislation that could hinder transgender rights.  The desire for power ultimately leads to corruption, and corruption tends to lead to revolt against political leaders.In Fahrenheit 451, Montag took honor in burning books in fear of society rising up against government through the power of knowledge.

In the movie, it seems as though firefighters would inevitably start more fires than they would put out. In a way this metaphorically mirrors how the government is seen in the film; a strict government tends to cause more problems than to offer solutions. When I saw the advanced technology in the film, I automatically thought of the hypocrisy that the government imposes on its people. Just think about it for a second, in order to build that sort of technology that they showed in the film takes an innovative mind. For their time period, just the idea behind the jet packs and flat screen televisions that they were using would have a small team of engineers’ years of research.

Its seems as though the government are secretly picking and choosing people to work for them their behalf but the citizens couldn’t dare to acquire the same amount of knowledge of those at the top of the chain. In a way, their government was restricting their minds in fear of being equal to government officials. That goes to show how much power the governments wields over this restricted society. That’s ultimately correlates to today’s society, because even though we can’t stand face to face with the president, the decisions he makes affects majors parts of our lives whether it’s in healthcare or education. The overall setting of Fahrenheit 451, takes place in world that restricts its citizens freedom of thought, which correlates to the western world first amendment rights.

It seems as though the government in the film also fear that if they lose control or get to a point where they can’t manage their people, then something horrific will occur. This idea behind this type of control leads me to believe that the government is trying to shape human beings into these unrealistic “cookie cutter” perfectionists. It’s also believed that a world without rules leads to a society without order and without order, chaos arises.

  In Divergent, it seems as though it’s a direct correlation to today’s society, the different factions system is equivalent to how we are divided in today’s society by things such as religion, politics, values, and ideas. 


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