Corrosion is known to be the fundamental means by which the deterioration of metal takes place by chemical attack or reaction with its environment. It is a constant and continuous problem, often very difficult to eliminate completely, (Rani and Basu, 2012).Most metals corrode on contact with the followings: water, moisture in the air, oils, acids, bases, salts, aggressive metal polishes, and other solid and liquid chemicals. Gaseous substances like acid vapors, ammonia gas, formaldehyde gas, and sulfurcontaining gases. Corrosion specifically refers to any process involving the deterioration or degradation of metal components. The best known case is that of the rusting of steel. Corrosion processes are usually electrochemical in nature, having the essential features of a battery( For corrosion to take place in steel, iron (Fe) at the surface of a component undergoes a number of simple changes. First, Fe ? Fen+ + n electrons ——————————————————————– (2.1) The iron atom looses some electrons and becomes a positively charged ion. This allows it to bond to other groups of atoms that are negatively charged.


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