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The Executive Summary

This paper covers issues on the organization’s roles in delivering its services in social responsibilities to its immediate environment. This shows how the organization has set out strategic plans in ensuring all social responsibilities are carried out in the right order. Furthermore, this paper shows also the organization’s background and how the organization has developed over years to its present level. This paper will also show how the organization has implemented its corporate social responsibility strategies or plans.

This will also include the shortcomings that have been experienced in implementing corporate social responsibility. The paper will also provide recommendations that will ultimately lead to improvements in future. Finally, the paper has a conclusion that gives the findings of the whole work covered.

Company Background

The university of Dubai was established in the year 1997 seven by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The main aim of establishing the institution was to fill up gaps in human resource in the whole country’s work force. This was in line with the country’s human resource development programs that targeted both private and public sectors.

The university has two main campuses that are known even though there are some new developments in terms of campuses. Concerning academic issues, the University of Dubai has a few main schools or colleges that offer various courses. The schools include the college of Information Technology that is abbreviated CIT and offers extensive programs in Information systems and Computing.

Secondly the college of Masters of Business Administration, abbreviated MBA, aims at enhancing critical thinking while increasing both written and oral communication for business leaders who need successful careers in organizations around the country and all over the world.

This program also helps in building appreciation for diverse cultural outlook. Finally, the College of Business Administration that offers various major business degree programs including business economics, supply chains and logistics management, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship management, and human resources management. The institution has scholarship programs that target each governmental authority or departments.

The mode of qualification depends on whether the beneficiary is a Dubai national. The scholarships cover all tuition fees for the beneficiaries. On the other hand, the university receives its support and authority from the chamber of commerce of the Dubai government. The authority is including the board of directors is appointed by the Ruler’s Court of Dubai, while the board of trustees is channeled from the chamber of commerce.

Implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Dubai

Corporate social responsibility programs are very essential to any organization that wants to have an outstanding image in the environment it is situated, the responsibilities are far more of the organization’s responsibility than it is the community’s or society’s needs and requirements that leads to creations a safe and friendly environment.

In ensuring the implementation of corporate social responsibilities, the university of Dubai partners and does dialogue with the communities around it through activities such as voluntary programs to the good of the society.

This program is meant to help the community in protecting and putting value to the environment around them. The university partners also with the Center for Responsible Management. This helps in having active participation in environmental projects that are aimed at improving the environment around Dubai and the country at large.

Furthermore, basing on the university’s principles, it implements corporate social responsibility program through the incorporation of the values of global social responsibility into its academic activities. This is meant to be in line with the international initiatives like the United Nations Global Compact. In this way, the implementation program does not only benefit the immediate environment but it goes as far as to students’ home towns.

This move ensures that the society as a whole has people who are well versed with corporate social responsibility implementation programs. In addition to that the incorporation of this value into the curriculum makes the practical part of implementing the program easier as students set out corporate social responsibility programs at various times in the future.

In implementing the corporate social responsibility program, the university has set out ways of creating educational frameworks, processes, materials and environments that ultimately enable effective learning experiences for responsible leadership. This means that the university aims at making every individual in the university responsible and aware of his/her environment and its requirement.

This move improves and makes Corporate Social Responsibility implementation process easier. Therefore, the program is implemented by people who are so much equipped with the required information that is much needed for a successful implementation program.

Furthermore, the university does the implementation program by engaging in research that aims at advancing understanding of the dynamics, roles, and impact that corporations have in creating a sustainable social and environmental value .This makes many stakeholders who may in one way or another be involved in social and environmental issues.

This move makes corporate social responsibility implementation everyone’s role. Therefore, many people are directly or indirectly involved in the daily protection of the environment. Furthermore, the research helps the stakeholders to gather important information on how to successfully launch CSR implementation programs. Through the same research works, the university has made CSR implementation easy and interesting.

The university extends its implantation strategies through the facilitation of dialogue and debates among various stakeholders including educators, government, civil society organization, consumers and the media. This debate touches on critical issues related to global social responsibility and sustainability programs among many others.

Civil society organizations and the media help a lot more in spreading the awareness programs and thus make the implementation of the corporate social responsibility program easy and acceptable to the society at large. Some of these associated parties like the government helps in facilitating the implementation process and also creates rules and laws governing the whole idea.

Civil society organizations extend their services in bringing critical ideas in debate sessions. The ideas may include the how to deal with the challenges involved in some implantation stages and the alternatives that may ensure the goals and targets of implementation strategies are met. In all this dialogue and debate, the university has made the implementation everyone’s responsibility including the central government.

From research, we get to know how the university helps to carry out corporate social responsibility programs well; there is a good curriculum change that aims at helping faculty members in covering case studies that deal extensively with corporate social responsibility, environment and ethics.

This effort ensures that corporate social responsibility implementation process is continuous and grows better every time as experience builds up. The university also ensures that all the materials required as extra resources are availed for the purpose of carrying out the implementation program.

In addition to the efforts carried by the University of Dubai in implementing the corporate social responsibility, research shows that expatriate knowledge is sought through the invitation of guest speakers who are experts in handling corporate social responsibilities. This effort equips students with the required knowledge that propels them to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility in efficient ways without much assistance (University of Dubai 5).

From research studies, we get to know that the university has many environmental programs that it actively engages its students as one way of ensuring the implementation process goes on well without any hindrances as awareness gets underway through similar programs. Some of these programs include visits to wildlife parks, clean up the world, and the program your tree in Dubai. The programs aim at increasing the forest cover or replace trees that have already been cut.

This is achieved through the awareness program that enhances the need for protection through planting of more trees and recycling of some materials to reduce cutting down of trees. They also target making people aware of the importance of wildlife and how to conserve or protect the environment that holds them. The clean up the world program helps to sensitize every one to take responsibility of ensuring the whole environment around them is very clean.

The visits that are made by members of various clubs, mostly the environmental club to the wildlife help them to know about the endangered species. This enables members to know and create ways of overcoming the challenges involved in protecting endangered species and the whole issue of corporate social responsibility (University of Dubai 8).

Analysis and Recommendation of the University of Dubai for Improvement

Concerning the university’s values and the principles, the university should emphasize more on the values of global social responsibility so as to make the stakeholders aware of the global moves and roles in developing corporate social responsibilities. This effort will help the concerned parties to improve in both sensitizing and implementing the programs that foster growth internationally.

In this way, the university will always aim at meeting the required standards for implementing the corporate social responsibility well and successfully despite the challenges. In addition, good methods that will enable the creation of good and reliable leadership within the educational framework will ultimately help the individuals become more aware of the social and corporate responsibilities and implement them to the later without fear.

Furthermore, when more research is carried out more information is availed to involved parties that make it easy for them to carry out the implementation process well. Through the same research, studies reveal that most skills are taught on how to engage different stakeholders in the programs.

Better ways will be devised on how to deal with serious problems or challenges before and after the implementation process. Furthermore, when people access information more frequently and easily through the research, they become more reliable and responsible for how to execute the implementation process easily. Therefore, the whole research process leads to more improvements if it is used in the right way and with the right aims

On the other hand, the university should aim at making partnerships with international corporations so that they get exposed to the challenges that this corporation face in handling the implantation process on corporate social responsibilities. This effort will increase also the technical know-how of the university in delivering information concerning the corporate social responsibility programs abroad. In addition, a partnership with international corporations avails various effects approaches on board as the various institutions do exist in different environments set up. Thus the university will at the end have a universal way of approaching the corporate social responsibility implementation programs in the future.

When more debates or dialogues are held frequently, students and the university as a whole, gets channeled and links up their views and experiences to and from other stakeholders in the field through the media. Also to ensure that the communities are more involved dialogues and debates between the social organizations because many of these groups are found within the larger society.

Thus many individuals in the society will get almost fast hand information and in the end the university will have improved on how to engage the society in environmental processes and responsibilities.

In addition, for teaching, research and learning to improve, long term strategies have to be put in place. These long term strategies should be aimed at making the teaching process more targets oriented and this move will ensure good service delivery that is in line with the universities values and principles.

More resources should be channeled in research work that are aimed at improving the environmental status of the immediate surroundings of the university to reach that global standardization level in terms of implementing the corporate social responsibility programs well. On the other hand, learning should be made more practical and interesting by having more field trips to the sites that need the university’s intervention, this move helps the concerned parties to visualize more on the real factors that have to be considered.

Another thing that should be more emphasized is the invitation of guest speakers more frequently; this will help in the exchange of ideas as the invited guest speakers will be mostly people who are experts in the field of concern. All these efforts are meant improve the university’s way of implementing and handling challenges of implanting the corporate social responsibility.

The other thing is that, the university should channel more funds in support of the environmental activities that the students are engaged in. this support should be through the clubs like the wildlife and the environmental clubs. Through these clubs, the university should put more emphasis on the value of conserving the environment and protecting the endangered species through awareness programs.

The awareness programs should be put in place through the partnership with organizations and civil society groups that easily associates themselves with members of the community more frequently. This move makes relaying of information between concerned parties. This at the end improves ultimately the way of communicating both ideas and processes required for every engagement in the society.

For effective learning that meets international standards, the university has to put in place internationally acclaimed frameworks that aims at improving the environment, while raising the educational standards. This will foster the realization of more effective ways of implementing strategies concerning learning and most importantly the corporate social responsibility.

The same efforts may be realized through implementation of innovative programs and processes that help in improving learning and which also focus more of meeting the standards of putting in place the requirements of global corporate social responsibility strategies. This efforts and strategies help the university in finding global partners who may be more conversant on how to deal with challenges that are associated with implementing the corporate social responsibility.

In doing so the university gains a global image that will help it stand out as a good place where many people will want to get involved with. This idea therefore makes it easier for the university to penetrate easily with its environmental programs to the hearts of its followers both locally and world over.

Through instructional research, the university should target at finding more ways that are interesting and easy to follow in realization and instilling of sustainability values that will h4elp individuals realize more on the needs and importance of corporate citizenship around.

This effort will help build more rounded individuals who are more responsible and focused in ensuring that corporate issues are dealt with in the rightful way. In this way, the university will have made the environmental issues or matters everyone’s burden and responsibility. Thus the university will have created both an interesting learning environment as well as facilitating the acts of concern among associated parties or partners.

Through more partnerships with the immediate communities around it, the university will have easy time engaging the individuals in most of its programs like the engage program and many others. This make the community feel part of every undertakings tat the university gets its hands on.

These efforts help in creating awareness programs in the community more easily and frequently. When more information is channeled in the right way to the individuals in the community, the whole community move in the same direction the university tends to go.

This improves the relationship between the institution and the community which sits in the immediate environmental set up. This partnership also makes functions like tree planting more successful and enjoyable as every member of the community will feel part of the whole system or process. The tree planting program should be made a regular issue to incorporate many individuals in the exercise.

Further still, for the university to ensure that the capabilities of the students are developed and shaped to generate sustainable values that will foster the realization of a sustainable global economy; more emphasis should be put on the global partnership with major corporations that seem suitable in handling the same matters well.

This way, students will begin seeing things in reality and thus helps their understanding .this global cooperation avails so much information to the students through exchange programs that may be associated with the main program.

The association with global partners helps the students more in meeting international thinking and problem solving. In this way, efforts are made by the concerned parties in the learning area to help understand more on the needs and requirements of one working globally, thus the general standards are raised to new levels that suit global corporations’ demands.

Incorporation of the global values of social responsibility in the curriculum should be done in a way that signifies the importance of the global social responsibilities to the society as a whole so that the students may focus on beginning their responsibilities socially right from where they live towards the whole environment with an aim of reaching the global environment.

These important steps make the institution work on global levels and in doing so it raises every standard of doing things around the university and which makes thrive to be a global institution in the near future. Being a global institution, the university will be able to meet and deal with global environmental issues more conveniently. This capability makes the University of Dubai a world class institution that meets and values global social responsibilities.

On the other hand, the awareness programs has to be more focused and should be carried out every time when more needs arises than being held only on during the first weeks of every semester, this will make sure that the program runs through out and doing so helps to create more time require to channel information on the six principles that in the end this puts more emphasis on the same principles as enough time will be there to assure this. Small posters should be created so as to be distributed to the students at different levels.

This brings the information and principles closer to the targeted individual students, this move also makes it possible for the students to file some copies of their own and reviewing them from time to time. When the students understand the principles to this level, there is smooth running of daily activities.

On the other hand, other than just case studies that faculty members cover in other courses; the university should make it more practical so that information may be both form textbooks and field works that are taken during or within the course time stipulation. This efforts and provisions make sure that students get equipped with enough knowledge about; the general ethics in the various course categories, more knowledge concerning corporate social responsibilities is availed throughout the course and it is done so in more details.

Also of much concern is the information about the environment should be availed through the same way and this guarantees much more improved outcomes in terms of environmental conservation and the general corporate responsibility relating to the environment.

Finally, for the university to acquire more ways in which it can devise innovative methods of delivering lectures, the university should highly focus on organizing workshops where many issues concerning how to better the teaching methods and also embracing the technological advancements to foster the growth or imp[rove the educational material delivery in the university curriculum. This way the university will gain improvements to meet its targets of being a world class university.


In conclusion, the university should aim at creating more dialogues and debates with related or concerned parties for this opens up more links and also serves as a means by which more information is channeled and availed to the concerned parties. The implementation process should be adopted when more information has been gathered about the whole process and the challenges associated with it.

In addition, the implementation process becomes more successful when all stake holders including the Partners are put to task. Some of the faculties that do not have the right ways of covering the classes or information about the corporate social responsibility and the general environmental issues, should be more considered when changes arises for improving lecture delivery.

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