Corporate Event: Ideal Bank Heart Dinner

Ideal Bank Heart Dinner

Ideal Bank is one of the leading and successful corporate in the financial services sector. The bank is involved in lending to the micro and small enterprises.

It also engages in individual lending and other financial services like overdrafts, saving accounts and current accounts. The vision of the bank is to be the leading financial services provider in the U.S. and at the same time considerate to the environment and society.

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Event description

Purpose & goal of the event

Ideal Bank Heart Dinner is an annual event organized by the Bank to source fund for patients requiring heart surgery but not covered by the normal insurance policies. The bank has been engaging in this activity as part of its corporate social responsibility. In essence, the bank employees and the bank as a corporate have invited their associates for a dinner where each attendant will pay the entrance fee on top of the meals costs. The event has been organized in such a way that the main source of funds is the bank employees’ own contribution.

The bank will thereafter contribute double the amount that the employees will donate and thus making their contribution critical. Other supporters of the event are the associates of the bank, friends of the employees and other private and corporate sponsors. The event is expected to raise funds which will be allocated to various patients identified as needy by the medical practitioners’ network (Wolf & Levine, 2005). The event intends to invite employees of Ideal bank, associates and other corporate representatives for a dinner which will be attended by one the U.

S. leading artist in standup comedy.


The event will be held at the Lincoln Hotel in the New York City; over one thousand guests have been invited to the occasion. Lincoln Hotel has been selected for the event based ambience and modesty in their costing.

The availability of large dinner space to accommodate the invited guests has also been one of the considerations not to mention the participation of the same hotel in the fundraising as one of the main sponsors.


The event has been set for the Friday the 26th November 2010. Friday evening being the beginning of a weekend period has been selected since most employees of the bank and their associates will be available.

Why the organization engages in the event.

Ideal bank has organized the event as a way of giving back to the society especially to the less fortunate.

Patients of heart problems requiring corrective surgery has increased according to the medical practitioners’ statistics. The Bank has also organized the event so as to sensitize the community on the challenges of heart complications and their predisposing factors. It is also in line with the vision of the bank of being considerate to the society to contribute funds to assist patients undergoing heart surgery and not having medical insurance cover (O`Toole, 2002).

Theme and deliverables

The stage will be well prepared with big screens set up in various strategic locations for the guests to follow every moment of the event. A VIP lounge will be set aside specifically for chief guests that will be present during the event.

Lighting and sound system on the stage will be bright to ensure that all the speakers at the event are seen and heard well. There will be plenty of space available for the members of the media to cover the event. Entertainment will be provided to the audience through music and standup comedian which will ensure that the people in attendance will be entertained from the event (Kiolkenny, 2007). Dinner will be available to the guests with Lincoln hotel team ready to serve wide variety of foods. Drinks will also be available ranging from alcoholic to non-alcoholic in order to cater for the needs of all guests in attendance. The concept of merging a limited entertainment with short presentation regarding heart diseases by professions is to make all the guests in attendance enjoy the event. The CEO of Ideal bank will be the chief guest of honor during the event and will deliver a short speech recapturing the banks dedication to the providing quality services at the same time being considerate for the less privileged members in the society. The expected deliverables of the event will include the following Well set up dinner room Over 1000 guests in attendance Thrilling performance by standup comedian Available of enough food and drinks Improved image of Ideal Bank to the American public and potential clients Expected funds of over $1000,000 Great experience to the guests as they partake in the fundraising.

Event implementation schedule Ideal Bank PLC Heart Dinner Being considerate for the helpless Venue: Lincoln Hotel New York City Date: 26th November 2010 Time: 6.00 – 10.00 Pm Event Programme Registration and arrival of guests 5.30- 6.00 Pm Standup comedy 6.00- 6.

30PM Heart dinner brief 6.30-7.00Pm Heart complications presentation: 7.00-730 Pm Dinner 7.30- 9.00 Pm CEO’s brief 9.00-930Pm Vote of thanks 9.00- 10.

00Pm Entrance fee $ 2000 only.


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