Contrastingly, teller. Williams shows that oppression is escapable

Contrastingly, there areelements in the play where there is potential for the escape from oppression.This was first seen in Blanche as she did not conform to the oppression aroundher.

She knew that it was the fault of the men and their “epic fornications”1that resulted in the loss of Belle Reve. Through Blanche, Williams iscriticising patriarchy as in scene 2 Stanley seeks to find out the truth aboutBelle Reve and when Blanche reveals it to him he dismisses it. Blanche is ableto show awareness of oppression as Williams establishes her as the truthteller. Williams shows that oppression is escapable as long as you have thecritical insight and are able to expose it for what it is. Blanche is able tobreak away from the social norms that make being homosexual a crime. As sherecounts her husband’s death in scene six to Mitch, she shows remorse fortelling her husband, “You disgust me”1 after finding out that he washomosexual. The fact she felt guilt shows that she changed due to the death ofher husband and no longer follows the social norms of the Antebellum south.

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Some critics believe that Blanche tells Mitch this revelation because he is”dull and simple”1and she feels sorry for him. However, this is not the case, she tells Mitchbecause she values sincerity just as much as he does. Just like Blanche, Mitchis also escaping from the patriarchal society because in the beginning of theplay he shows that he has psychological truth which allows him to understandand sympathise with Blanche. Even though in scene nine Mitch lost thispsychological truth he regained it in scene eleven when he blamed Stanley andhis “god damn interfering with things”1 on Blanche’s insanity.Williams decides to return Mitch to his compassion as his message to theaudience and society is that there is still hope for change, Mitch representsthis change. Williams calls for “the crying, screaming need of a greatworldwide human effort to know ourselves and each other a great deal better…”2.

This would help societyescape from the patriarchal oppression. 1George Hovis – The Mask of the southern Belle: Modern Critical Views – 2007: p178 2Tennessee Williams – ‘The World I Live In’, London Observer, 1957


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