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Content marketing is currently the hot topic in the digital economy. But what is content marketing? And why is it so important for (online) marketing? Here is an overview.  Definition of Content MarketingContent marketing is a communication strategy that uses strong content to strengthen customer loyalty. The difference to traditional advertising methods on the Internet is that the product or service is the focus and not the company. Content Marketing focuses on advanced knowledge, useful information and simultaneous entertainment. In this respect, content marketing can also be seen as a consulting tool and not as an advertising technique per se. In addition, content marketing contributes to improving the company image. Here, know-how and a value proposition are conveyed through high-quality content, texts, podcasts, pictures and videos, rather than merely claiming that one’s own product or service is the best one.

Differences inbound and outbound marketingContent marketing is part of inbound marketing. With inbound marketing, the focus is on finding the target group for your own company. Pull instruments such as blogs, SEO, landing pages and social media are used for this.

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The counterpart to this is the outbound marketing – also known as “old marketing” – that focuses on spreading the advertising message offensive via various channels such as TV advertising, circulars, fairs or print ads.Content marketing has a social componentIn addition to the content presented on your own corporate website or blog, the social media presence plays a crucial role. The contact to the potential customer is the basis.

Compared to the past, in times when corporate communications was one-sided, today’s situation is clearly designed for dialogue between the company and the customer. One reason for this is the rapid spread of social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Linked to this is the strong growth of the mobile market and the associated technical requirements.

Companies without a responsive design or a mobile browser view run the risk of losing potential customers the first time they access the website.Search engine optimization as an important componentThe use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contributes significantly to a successful content marketing strategy. Content is placed appropriately in Google for the potential audience. Offer and contact options are clearly presented on the website and on social media channels. In addition, corporate communication across all platforms is transparent, consistent, trusting, and, most importantly, authentically implemented. Using social media channels as a pure means of advertising without generating any emotional value or benefit to the user is a wasted marketing effort.

True to the motto: “The mix makes it!” Images and videos on the Internet sometimes achieve the highest attention and are a perfect vehicle to provide entertainment, as well as added value for the visitor.Content marketing is not newEven before the Internet age, companies have tried to provide their customers with added value through useful content or advanced knowledge. The difference to then is the present need. Today, potential customers have higher expectations through the Internet and can quickly and easily search for alternative products. This gives them a piece of “power” and forces companies to reconsider marketing measures from the past. For this reason, intrusive advertising has no chance.

Instead of relying on junk or so-called push advertising, companies need to find more elegant ways to reach their target audience.Conclusion: Content MarketingContent marketing has always been part of marketing. The difference to then is the need to add value, to entertain and to retain its target audience. In the best case, this is done by placing high-quality content and implementing a unified social media strategy based on dialogue and interaction.


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