1/ for me and told me they

1/a/ Respectfulstewards: People who highly concerned about environment. They will pay more foreco-friendly products. This group is most likely to buy Tide Pods even at ahigh price.

b/ Eco-chick: people who environmentally concerned but don’tseek for eco-friendly products. They may try but tend to the non-green brands.This is not a group for Tide Pods to count on for long term growth.

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c/ Green Naives: people who not interested in environmentalissues. They would not buy Tide Pods because of its environmental impact butmaybe interested in other aspects.d/ Eco-villians: people who are not environmentally friendly,they don’t use eco-friendly products. They would buy Tide Pods because of itsconvenience or other aspects.  3/ The apprehensive attitude toward Tide Pods shows howconsumers take their parents as role models and learn consumer behavior fromthem.

Sometimes parents teach their children how to consume products or perhapswhich detergents are more preferable and sometimes children just learn throughobserving. A major part of American has grown up seeing their parents usingliquid or powder detergent, not premeasured pods. Since I was little, my parents usually bought Pringles andCocacola for me and told me they tasted good so from that day on, althoughthere are many kinds of chips and soft drinks, I still buy Pringles andcocacola for snack because their taste is familiar to me.


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