Customer’s of food depending on customer’s choice

Customer’s product use patterns

Research shows that majority of population in Taiwan embraces dietary habits as one of the important factor that promotes healthy living. Majority of the population suffer from chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and heart diseases. This has made them to be more sensible and selective to what they eat. Most Taiwanese obtain their food from restaurants and some from those who sell beverages by the streets.

They prefer local food to foreign dishes; they use more of their local food followed by Japanese dishes and lastly the western dishes (Chang and An-Tien 1276-1278) Recent statistics have shown that in Taiwan over 50% of street vendors deal with food and beverage (Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and statistics 2005). The frequency of those who eat at night out is once a month. They consider that eating out at night markets improves one’s self identity (Chang and An-Tien 1276-1278). The statistics further shows that the ratio of male to female is almost equal, youths and teenagers form majority of the population. Taiwan’s food related segments are divided into; traditional consumers, adventurous and uninvolved consumer segments.

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The research shows that the number of adventurous consumers is high as compared to the other two. This is because most of them prefer healthy, organic food products and more sensitive to taste.

Shopping habits

The shopping habits are reflected based on several factors some of which include; importance of product information, the enjoyment that goes along with shopping, pricing, the nature of advertisement used and people’s reactions towards it. The Taiwanese does their food shopping based on its quality health- wise, tastiness and freshness. Night markets in Taiwan offer different kinds of food depending on customer’s choice and preference.

Research shows that more than half of the population like eating out at night markets more so when in companionship with friends. Most of the public meetings and social gatherings take place at the night markets due to lack of social facilities within towns (Chang and An-Tien 1276-1278). The eating out population in Taiwan has increased due to society experiencing tremendous changes, for instance so many work for long hours.

Product feature preferences

The group should focus on providing the customers with reliable and high degree of service. They measure the quality of the product by the impacts it has on global satisfaction and value the cleanliness that goes with it. To motivate the population towards the product, hygiene factors which might result in customers’ dissatisfaction must be observed closely.

They will consider variety and inexpensiveness of the product as one of the motivating factors. The research further indicated that in Taiwan, if the high-level need which in their case is self identity cannot be satisfied, then they consider lower-level needs which in their case are inexpensiveness, variety and consumption (Chang and An-Tien 1276-1278). To satisfy the uninvolved consumers within Taiwan majority being male bachelors, the focus should be on product design. This will provide them with food products that are easily used which most of them prefer.

To reach the traditional consumers the ‘pink berry’ company should put a lot of emphasis on product labels since most of those in this category have poor purchasing habits (Fang and Hwang-Jaw 2036-2042).

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