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Consumer rights in Australia:The AustralianConsumer Law offers guarantees which directly protect Australian consumers andgive them the rights when they buy any products or services in Australia. the Consumerguarantees automatically apply if you bought, hired or leased goods or servicesafter 1 January 2011 for less than $40000 or some other personal or daily useitem worth more than $40000. Theserights include to a repair, replacement or refund.

It also offers a compensation fordamages and loss and can cancel any faulty service. All businesses are entitledto provide these guarantees to their consumers upon selling any products. If a productsor service you buy and it does not meet a consumer guarantee, you have therights to ask the seller for a refund or replacement.Selling Goods and Services:Being a selleror a service provider in Australia you must carry out some certain laws andregulations which mean you should offer all the legal rights to consumers.Services must be practically fitfor a specific purpose or to reach a result that has been agreed between thesupplier and the consumer. It is against the law for any business if theydon’t provide rights of damages loss or refund to consumers.In the givencase scenario, the sole trader who sold the emergency kit tool is liable for Jamesdamage and injury because he didn’t follow the Australian consumer law whichprotects the consumers for any loss or damages. You cannot sell any service orproducts which does not offer legal guarantee of the products.

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This is mainlythe case where the defect means the supplier or manufacturer failed to complywith a consumer guarantee. Manufacturers are also liable to compensateconsumers for loss or damage resulting from safety defects in their productsthat cause death or injury, or damage to personal propertyAs we knowaccording to the law if any one imports goods and services from overseas toAustralia, they must hold some standards according to Australian consumer lawwhich mean that they must provide all the basic rights to their consumersincluding loss, damages or any refund policy. Failure to meet the guarantees:If a consumer undergoesloss or damage due to a defect with products or services, they have the legalrights to make a claim to recover damages or compensation. The loss or damagesmust be genuine and possible.

You cannot claim for some loss or damage if it iscaused by some natural disasters like rain heavy flood or fire. those damagescan be claimed if hold a property or house item insurances.The consumercan directly ask for the liability from the seller for the damages.

If the business refuses to pay or toreach an agreement to resolve a dispute, the consumer can take their claim toformal dispute resolution services or take legal action.  You can approachthe importer or seller directly for any sort of refund or compensations. By lawhe cannot refuse to help you in this matter and will be liable to provide allthe legal rights.  


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