Considering an order from further located warehouse. In

Considering article written by D.M.Z.

Islam, J.F.Meier, P.

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T. Aditjandra, T.H.

Zunder and G. Pace (2012), the logistics andtransport problems were described as optimisation, where the action has to betaken to make the best or the most effective use of available transport andcapacity of a vehicle, maximising truck loads or warehouses operation. Thewarehouses operation was explained in the example of the demand of the customer(previous paragraph) and more to the point, the demand that may be greater thaninventory available.

For that reason, some strategic planning would be the aimto fulfil orders even though, it may means shifting some goods from onewarehouse to another or dispatching an order from further located warehouse. Inthis case the cost structure is the main decisive factor. Authors, also, mentioned,minimising the environmental impact. On the other hand, those are not the only worries inlogistics and transportation. According to, Morales (2015), who speaks aboutthe volcanic descends on Europe affecting aeroplanes or tsunami in Thailanddisrupting port activities in California as well as fires in Los Angeles forestleading to motorways closure. Even, IT issues having an impact on UnitedAirlines system forcing the New Your Stock Exchange shut down. In today’sworld, these are executives of logistics and transportation leading to crisisthat no longer are as simple as loading boxes and carrying them from point A topoint B.

These issues involve and effect the international trade and developmentof technology. Furthermore, challenges like minute-by-minute tracking available globally,developing cost efficiencies while guaranteeing timely delivery. Even, thinkingahead of any issues that may or may not occur and having an alternativeplan.  All of those represents the logistics andtransportation problems that may impact the whole supply chain operation.


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