Consider the economy. 1. What positive or negative

Consider all possible solutions or alternatives.

1.      Give 3 possible solutions to the economic issue you are investigating.      1. Put trashcans and recyclables that are visible to the public on beaches like Treasure Island, Lettuce Lake park, and the Hillsborough River to help reduce waste and litter in the water.     2. Only use organic fertilizers for lawns, trees, and plants from organic farms.

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    3.Get the public involved in the community and to work with the Clean Water Network or Water keeper Alliance. As they will help organize events to do cleanups around the beaches, lakes and rivers.     2.     Why would some people oppose the solutions you have chosen? (Answer for each solution)   1. Some people would oppose to having trashcans on the beaches, lakes and rivers. They would say it makes the area ugly and unsightly.

    2. People do not want to spend money on expensive organic fertilizer when they can get it cheap at a regular store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.     3.

People would oppose this solution by saying it is too expensive and that we do not need to spend more money when there are other ways to combat water pollution.     Calculate the consequences of these solutions—both intended and unintended at all levels of the economy. 1.      What positive or negative externalities does this issue present at each sector of the economy? Refer to your circular-flow diagram.   Be sure you look at the positive and negative for EACH of your solutions from above.  Households – Positive – 1. Cleaner water for human consumption and use like for cooking and cleaning. 2.

 Playing at the beach, rivers, and lakes and fishing. 3. Being healthier and going green. Negative – 1. People get sick. 2. medical bills are expensive.

3. no clean water     Businesses – Positive – 1. Help clean up the water ways for people and wildlife to use. 2. Get tourism to come back to the beaches, lakes and rivers and have fun.

3. Make products like water filters to sell to the public. Negative – 1. failed to help keep water ways clean from their waste that has been dumped. 2. No tourism to come in and buy products and spend money. 3.

Not able to get loans to build products to help clean water ways.     Government – Positive – 1. Government spend money to improve waterways.

2. Tourism coming to the beaches, lakes and rivers and having fun and spend money. 3. Help get information out to the public about water pollution. Negative – 1. Lose money 2.

Cost money to clean up the water pollution. 3. The public going against the government about water pollution.       Rest of the world – Positive – 1. Our world will be a lot cleaner. 2. People all over the world will be healthier. 3.

Countries would go green Negative 1. It takes time to start up a water pollution cleaning company. 2.It cost money. 3. People would protest because the government spends too much money.

    2.     What incentives do individuals, businesses, and government have to act on each possible solution?   Be sure to look at each solution for each incentive.        Individuals – 1. Using Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to keep water ways clean.

2. If using organic fertilizer it helps to keep waterways from getting polluted with chemicals. 3. Feel good about myself for helping to clean up water ways.   Businesses – 1. Give out gift cards for picking up after themselves.

. 2. Working with non-profit companies to promote healthier ways. 3. Sell products that help clean water pollution like filters.   Government – 1. Give free products to help combat water pollution to the public. 2.

Promote with ads about how to combat water pollution within their businesses. 3. Keep a positive outlook and get tourist to come to Florida.

  3.     What are the externalities, both positive and negative that could result from each possible solution? Positive – 1. The public would use the trashcans and people will have cleaner beaches, lakes, and rivers. 2. When using organic fertilizer, it isn’t harsh on aquatic wildlife. 3.  With companies helping to keep waterways clean, the public is happy.

Negative – 1. People might petition to have trashcans removed because they are unsightly and ugly. 2.

Organic fertilizer is too expensive. 3. Water clean-up companies are too expensive and local government might not have the money.   Save the file as 603research and submit to assessment 6.03  


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