Consciousness concert. The largest question is, what is

Consciousness is the awareness that is within every person. This encourages one to be aware their surroundings in the world around them. In addition to that, consciousness helps someone feel pain, hunger, and a variety of different feelings, which is referred to as internal stimuli (Spielman, 2016). External stimuli refers to when you feel the cold breeze next to a window or hear a singer in concert. The largest question is, what is the purpose of consciousness? Many philosophers believe that, although it is beneficial to the organism containing the consciousness, there is no wider purpose for it. From a biological point of view, consciousness is no different than the heart or the kidneys (McGinn, N.D.).

Yet, there is the intelligent mystery behind the concept of consciousness and it is important to understand the power contained within it.  Consciousness arises in the early stages of infancy. Although newborns can see and feel, they are not fully alert and aware of their surroundings or emotions. This means that they do not have any motivation behind a certain action (Koch, 2009). At around 5 months of age, a baby becomes conscious.

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However, their consciousness is far less developed than any other adult. Full grown humans have the most developed form of consciousness compared to other living organisms. To clarify, although a dog or a cat is conscious, they will not be as knowledgeable as a person regarding information about the universe or death.

Humans can explain the theory of their own existence.  Consciousness can be broken into 7 different classifications. The first three levels are basic levels that do not need any work to achieve. Those three states are waking consciousness, deep sleep, and dreaming. These are all things that are familiar to any healthy person.  The last four are transcendental, cosmic, god and unity consciousness.  These require a regular practice of meditation in order to achieve them (Sage, 2011).

Meditation is the act of focusing on a certain element in order to increase awareness.  Meditation is very influential towards one’s consciousness. Meditation helps someone become fully conscious of their mind (Spielman, 2016). This includes prominent awareness, heightened thought levels, and increased stimuli processing ability.


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