Connor their qualifications and education.2a. (1) California

Connor Brown       Jan 31 2121a. The Free Soil Party promoted the Wilmot Proviso which stated that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall ever exist in any part of the territory.1b. Slavery will stop growing only if people treat others fairly and everyone could be fairly educated and if we learn to treat others with respect and if more people could get jobs not based on their heritage but their qualifications and education.2a. (1) California would be a free state.(2) The remainder of the Mexican Cession was divided into 2 territories: Utah and New Mexico where slavery would be settled based on popular sovereignty.(3) Texas gave up claims to New Mexico in exchange for financial aid from the U.S.(4) Slave trade (not slavery itself) was outlawed in thecapital(5) A new Fugitive Slave Law was passed.2b. Some argued that California should be admitted immediately without restrictions, while others argued that allowing California to enter as a free state would upset the nation’s balance causing the South to separate from the Union. Others simply called for the preservation of the Union.3a. If you hid or helped a runaway slave you would have to face serious punishments which included being sent to jail and having to pay a $1000 dollar which was a lot of money back then.3b. It made northerners mad because some of the, were uncomfortable with the commissioner’s power. The Northerners did not like the fact that you go high reward if you turned in a slave. They felt that the commissioner might not properly examine the case and just send the slave back to get more money. 4a. Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe A key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin And John Brown’s Cabin4b. Yes, it allowed people to think what they wanted to think. It also lets people read what others say about slavery. It also helped people realize the real horrors of slavery and how cruel it really was.


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