The in Technical – Vocational Livelihood (TVL)

The use of confidence wagering among the TVL students of Tacurong National High School produced favorable results. Data show that students are moderately confident in testing Mathematics with an overall mean of 9.2%. Most of the students stated that they favored this method of testing. The main reason for this favorable view was that the students indicated that they enjoyed having the ability to control the points they could earn. Other reasons they liked confidence wagering are as follows: Confidence wagering lets me know how much I know, how much I really don’t know, how confident I am in my knowledge, where I need to change and it gives me control over how many points I can earn. Correctness increases confidence, and incorrectness lowers it. Researchers of future studies could consider using confidence wagering structure to assess the student’s confidence and accuracy level of reflective confidence in other courses.

Self-confidence is one of the distinctive values that is innate in every individual since their childhood. It can be considered as a mental perception of an individual that plays essential role in satisfying basic human necessities such as happiness and success not only in school but in all aspects at every stage of life.  According to Bong (2002), it is apparent that students with self-confidence are keen, with good study habit, having higher inspirations, and never quit even confronted with difficulties. On the other hand, there are studies which view confidence as an important factor in predicting performance accuracy. There are several factors that emerged as having an important influence upon the relationship between confidence and accuracy in testing (Liddell and Davidson, 2004) and the method by which accuracy and confidence are measured (Patterson, Foster, & Bellmer, 2001).Starting SY 2016 – 2017 comes the full implementation of Senior High School program.  Tacurong National  High School is on its first flight of delivering quality education to its senior high school students taking up academic and non-academic track offerings.  Anent to this, senior high school students are given the opportunity to choose what track they will going to enrol either in Technical – Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track or in  Academic Track.

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  Both the academic and non-academic track have different subjects like Mathematics.With these, the researcher becomes interested to find out the confidence and accuracy level of reflective confidence in Mathematics of the senior high school students especially those students under the TVL track.  The researcher believes that not all students possess the same level of confidence especially when it comes to Mathematics.  It is her desire to evaluate with the use of Confidence Wagering (CW) technique to determine the confidence and accuracy level of the students regarding their answer selection during the conduct of multiple-choice test.  This technique of wagering encourages the students to make honest evaluation of their reflective knowledge in giving their answers.   Bagis (2007) states that “an individual who lacks self-confidence will most probably have a negative preference towards the course and the classroom”. In other words, students will create a negative feelings such as fear of committing failure, fear of humiliation and anxiety, and being insufficient to the teacher and the discipline resulting to an inactive participation in classroom activities.


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