Concrete is used in worldwide in all major and minor civil engineering projects. The constituents which are used for creating concrete provides durability and strength to concrete. These ingredients are sand, cement, aggregates, water in definite water cement ratio for superior performance of concrete. Use of waste material (saw dust) in place of sand up to a certain proportion with all other ingredients modifies the properties of concrete. However, by decreasing content of sand and using waste material makes concrete light in weight.

Generally concrete is a compound mixture of binding material, filler material (coarse & fine aggregate) & water; which combines the whole mass. The purpose of concrete mix design is to achieve maximum durability and compressive strength as possible as without any compromise with the quality. Engineers and scientists are further trying to increase its limits with the help of advanced chemical admixtures and many supplementary binding & filler materials along with modified manufacturing techniques. Now a day’s lots of technology is used in the field of concrete technology that modifies concrete properties. Saw dust is waste which when burnt, yield lot of carbon emissions which pollutes the atmosphere. If this waste is used in concrete, then there will be less emissions of carbon dioxide in environment; as we are using the saw dust material in concrete. The replacement of fine aggregates with saw dust can be valuable for the building components. Thus, the properties such as workability, compression test, elongation index etc. of concrete changes.

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