CONCLUSION colour,style and size.Theses are the important factors

Our FANTEN.CO company have created many primary function for our customers.We have create a best,secured and a quality helmet which it’s has named S;S 360.This S;S 360 helmet is mainly for bike riders.The helmet that we have created has many functions such as we have add fingerprint authentication,road hazard warning,360 camera,bluetooth connection ,GPS and alcoholic detection.The helmet is created to prevent accidents which won’t effect the brain injury when the person is wearing the helmet.From getting dangerous all people must wear helmet from getting injured so by wearing the product of our helmet it makes extra protection comparing to the normal helmet.The helmet is been created for customer needs such like based on colour,style and size.Theses are the important factors that allows all riders to focus more on road for avoiding danger.After getting improve in marketing we will compete our with big companies for an example the famous helmet company is BELL,TJC,NOLAN and many more.Our hope is to make our product worldwide known and keep moving up in marketing.


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