Concentration will also provide the necessary sugar

Concentration and focus are the two most important things required for success in exams. Alas! sometimes these are the most difficult to achieve at such a time.But we are sure about one thing. All things are difficult before they are easy.Motivational quotes with picturesLet us look at some of the things we can do to improve focus and concentration during the most crucial time of the academic year.Keep a goal in mindPinterestThis is the first and most important step. Know what are you studying for. These goals can be of two types.

One is your short term goal of what do you want to achieve in terms of the exams on hand. Second is your long term goals. What do you want to achieve in life. Write these goals in a diary. Read each goal aloud at least twice a day. Having a goal keeps the mind focused. It also helps in reducing clutter. Also set goals for each topic and subject complete with dates and times.

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Eat wellPinterestEating plays an important role while studying. Start maintaining a proper diet. Include more fruits and vegetable in your diet. They will provide all the necessary minerals and vitamins. They contain fiber that will help in bowel movements. They will also provide the necessary sugar needed. Have lentils, some protein like eggs or soy.

Eat a handful of nuts like almonds and walnuts everyday. They are rich in anti-oxidants and omega 3 which help in improving brain capacity.RestPinterestA good nights rest rejuvenates both the body and the brain. The proper amount of sleep at night does wonders to your brains capacity.

Research shows that 8 hours of sleep is good for you. So when you are planning your schedule, make room for that 8 hours of sleep at night.Light exercisesPinterestKeep some time aside for light exercises. It will ensure a good blood flow in the body. Deep breathing will ensure a good flow of oxygen that you need at times like these.

Some Yoga or Tai-Chi is also useful to a great extent.Find your best placeFind the best place that calms you. It may be your study room or your bedroom. It should be a place that you feel most comfortable in. A proper place to study is good to positively impact the way you study.

Clear anything you do not needOnce you found your place, clear out all things you do not need. Start maintaining cleanliness in the place of study. Try it. You will find a marked improvement in the quality of study you do.Keep all things that you will needMake sure you keep all the things you need.

Your books, journals and all the stationery like pens, pencils and erasers. You do not want to break your schedule for anything that was not handy. That breaks the flow of the study.Switch off gadgetsTry to switch off gadgets like phones, laptops, tabs etc.

Switch off the television. You may need to refer to the internet to clear some doubts. Or you may want to call a friend who is good at the subject. In such cases, make a note of what you wanted to clarify through the internet or friend. Check later after your scheduled time.

Use study method that suits youMake it fun. Apart from making notes there are some good methods you can use. Drawings- A single picture speaks louder than a thousand words. They help to understand things better. Pictures help to trigger the memory. So if you want to draw anything you are studying, do it.

 Study Cards- These are small note cards. As you study, you can concise these into a few key words. If you want to test yourself, keep them upside down. Try to recollect the key points and then turn the cards to see if they were correct. Charts- Make flow charts to study topics that are linked to each other. One look at a flow chart will help boost memory. These tricks help to recollect things when sitting on that exam desk.

The most important thing is do not mug up. Understand the concepts.Give yourselves some breaksLeave enough time for breaks. Sometimes it is good to break the monotony.

A small stroll in the park, a quick visit to your friend or a quick game is always useful. Apart from breaks, keep some time aside in your schedules as relax time. The idea is to calm yourselves before the next schedule begins.FreepikThe above list is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to add things that you think will be useful for concentrating and focusing while preparing for your exams.All the very best.


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