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Slavery in the United States
In the history of the United States nothing has brought more shame to the
face of America than the cold, premeditated method of keeping black people
in captivity. People from England who migrated to America used many
different methods to enslave black people and passed them down through the
children. These methods were quite effective, so effective that these
slaves were kept in captivity for over two hundred years in this country. It
was the rain of terror that kept black people in fear of their lives for so long.

The invention of the gun back in the fifth-teenth century was the main reason
that these people were able to go to another continent and enslave so many
people. These people from Africa were mistreated very badly right from the
start both mentally and physically. They were packed very tightly on ships for
months at a time chained to each other with no place to go to the bathroom,
little water to drink, and hardly anything to eat.
As the population constantly increased in the colonies during the 1600s, so
did the demand for slavery especially in the southern colonies where the big
plantations were. These plantations were very lucrative since the owners had
free manual labor and they could keep all the profit from the crops for
themselves. They also had to justify what they were doing to themselves so
what they did was tell themselves that these slaves were barbaric and not
smart enough to be civilized. These slave owners also owned huge houses in
the middle of their plantations and thought of themselves as noblemen. In
acuality, it was the slaves who were living nobly while the Europeans were
living barbaricly. The Europeans who owned slaves also thought that the
slaves were not smart enough because they could not speak English and they
did not have a written language. This was proven not to be true either
because the second generation of slaves learned the English language with no
trouble at all. Once the slaves started having children, the demand for slaves
dropped while the market for selling slaves and their children went up. This
was another way they kept slaves in slavery. If a person was born to a slave,
he or she was automatically born into a life of slavery. The owners would
also keep their slaves ignorant. They would not teach them how to read or
write. If they could read, they would have been shocked to find that these
colonists believed that every man is born with the unalienable rights of life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They also would have known that these
colonists left the last country that they were in for this same reason.
Their ignorance to this fact is not what kept them in slavery for so though.

What kept them obedient was the fact that they knew they would be made
an example of if they tried to escape. Second of all, they had no where to
escape to. It was not like they had a friends house to hide out in. They knew
if they rebelled or acted up, they would be either beaten very badly with
whips, punished by starving in the basement, or just shot. I am sure they all
wanted to rebel, but they saw what happened to the ones who did rebel so
most of them decided not to. As time went on, slaves were getting smarter
and were learning how to read and write. They started learn that not all black
people in the country were enslaved. By word of mouth or by reading, they
started to learn that slavery did not exist up north. Then they started to learn
that not every white person was out to get them if they knew that they were
planning to escape. This was a very dangerous plan though. Some white
people would actually help some slaves escape. This was called the
Underground Railroad. Underground because it was kept a big secret from
everyone because nobody could trust anybody back then because you would
never know who would snitch and who wouldnt. The railroad part was a
string of houses of white people who would hide runaway slaves for the day
so they could continue to head towards the northern states during the night
for their freedom. This was the only way a slave could gain his or her
freedom. One slave that had escaped was Fredrick Douglas. This man,
instead of getting his freedom and forgetting about his past, wanted to help
his people. What he did was prepare a speech for a huge audience of white
people and tell them what was going on down south. This was a well- spoken
black man who was very brave. First of all, most people up north had never
even seen a black man, nor have they heard about how these slaves were
being treated down south. After he was through with his speech, he received
a standing ovation for his courage and that is one of the things that started the
northerners strong opinion that slavery is wrong. This would eventually lead
to the Civil War.

So basically, greed for money through free labor, supply and demand, and gun
power is what created slavery. Keeping the fear in the eyes of the slaves is
what kept them working under such poor conditions everyday, while their
friends and family could be sold away at any time or place. Learning English
and being able to read and write is what educated these men and women.

Once they were educated enough, they could secretly plan escape routes to
the north and finally get some sympathy for their people which would
eventually lead to the Civil War. This war was about right and wrong. There
is a moral way to make money and then there is an immoral way to make a
living. Slavery is the number one event in our countrys history that has
disgraced and put shame to our culture. Even though not everyone owned
slaves, one bad apple spoils the bunch. Hopefully people will learn from
history, and immoral actions or events like slavery will not take place again.
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