Computer hard drives,you are suddenly unable to

Computer virus is a type of malicious software that can create copies of itself and integrate into other programs’ code, system memory areas, boot sectors, and also distribute copies via various communication channels.The main purpose of the virus is its spread. In addition, often its associated function is disrupting the operation of software and hardware complexes deleting files and even deleting the operating system, invalidating data placement structures, blocking users, etc.

to computer crashes due to errors, unaccounted details of interaction with the operating system and other programs. When you see the following signs,you will know for sure that your computer has been infected. The computer is really slow,the system reboots,freezes up,or crashes for no reason,your antivirus security program or firewall is suddenly disabled,you cannot access your divers or hard drives,you are suddenly unable to print,you will start seeing pop-up advertisement windows at unexpected times,you will have major problems trying to install or download an antivirus software or any other software,you seem to have suddenly lost the icons on the desktop or all other program files in your folders

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